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Honda’s electric future includes two supercars | Digital Trends Spanish

Honda made public the content of its strategy for its electric future. The electrification of the Honda vehicle lineup includes the introduction of two supercar models that will join the Honda lineup in the near future. One of them, on the right in the image, looks suspiciously close to the Acura NSX, the mid-engined supercar that Honda will stop producing this year.

Since last year there have been persistent rumors about an eventual third generation of the NSX, which could be completely electric. The origins of these rumors come from Jon Ikeda himself, vice president and brand officer of Acura in the United States, who without revealing the nature of his powertrain, told Motor Trend in August that another NSX would arrive at some point.

There is no information on the second vehicle, on the left in the image provided by Honda, but the image appears to show a larger coupe. Honda stated that both models will be sold globally and one of them will be the company’s flagship model.

These are just two of the 30 electric models that Honda plans to launch globally by 2030, which make up a full lineup ranging from commercial-use electric minis to the flagship model. Honda said it plans a production volume of more than 2 million electric units a year.

In North America, Honda will introduce two mid- to large-size electric vehicles in 2024, which are currently being developed in conjunction with General Motors: the new Honda Prologue SUV and an as-yet-unnamed new electric SUV for Acura. In China, Honda will introduce a total of 10 new electric models by 2027, while in Japan, the company plans to introduce an electric mini for commercial use by early 2024, followed by an electric mini for personal use and an electric SUV.

By the end of 2026, Honda plans to introduce a series of affordable electric vehicles in the United States and Canada, again through its alliance with GM, in which year it will also begin adopting its new Honda e: Architecture electric car platform.

Honda also announced that it is investing time and money in the research and development of solid-state battery technology, becoming the second manufacturer after Nissan to announce a concrete investment in this type of battery that promises to be cheaper and safer, as well as offering more range than currently used batteries and a shorter charge time.

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