Tuesday, July 5

Honoris causa of the university from Archbishop Cañizares to the cardinal who leads the ultraconservative opposition to Pope Francis

The leader of the dissidence against Pope Francis, Guinean Cardinal Robert Sarah, has received warm recognition from his allies in the framework of the Vatican struggles: the Archbishop of Valencia, Antonio Cañizares, and the main leaders of Vox. The Catholic University of Valencia, of which Cañizares is Grand Chancellor, has invested Cardinal Sarah as doctor honoris causa in an act that was not lacking in the Valencian leader of Vox, José María Llanos, and the spokesperson of the ultra formation in the City Council From Valencia. The ultra-conservative speech of the cardinal from Guinea-Conakry has delighted the main Valencian ultra-conservative representatives.

Cardinal Cañizares referred to Sarah as a “humble and wise pastor,” who knows “the bitterness of persecution and the joy of the free witness of the Church’s faith in Jesus, its cornerstone, presided over by Pedro and his successors, whose word is not chained. ” Pope Francis expelled Sarah from the Vatican curia in the midst of a counteroffensive towards ultraconservative dissent, making him a symbol for the far right, from Mateo Salvini in Italy to Donald Trump in the United States. “We should be grateful to Pope Francis for having placed him at the head of the Congregation responsible for the liturgy of the Church,” said Cañizares in the typical tone of cryptic Vatican diplomacy in reference to the hit the honoree was dealt by the Holy Father.

The Archbishop of Valencia also referred to Sarah’s “extraordinary lucidity” to “elaborate a real diagnosis of the modern world and of the Church that, far from being pessimistic, leads to a new apostolic ardor, it does not stop to offer human solutions” . The cardinal, in full synergy with his Valencian allies, recalled that it was precisely Cañizares who was succeeded as Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments.

The new honorary doctorate from the Catholic University of Valencia did not surprise anyone with a speech focused on denouncing the right to abortion and, specifically, on measures against harassment of women who attend pregnancy termination clinics. “No one would object to offering a pregnant woman material help, but if that help makes explicit the conviction of the inviolable dignity of the life that she harbors in her womb, then that act of charity is rejected and persecuted by the world. “Sarah denounced. “And there is no shortage, even among those who call themselves Christians, who demand that this type of actions be renounced,” he slipped internally.

Euthanasia did not miss the appointment either. The rector of the Catholic University of Valencia, José Manuel Pagán, denounced the “empire of the majority”, which can be “manipulated and deceived” and even with the “support of the majority” to “commit the greatest atrocities”. “When euthanasia advances in Spain and Europe recognizes the right to kill, this act wants to be a call that we do not worry about going against the current, that we do not regret being a minority, like the first Christians,” said Pagán.

Meanwhile, the apostolic nuncio in Spain, Monsignor Bernardito Auza, the highest diplomatic representative of the Holy See, affirmed with a touch of Vatican diplomacy that Srah has received a “deserved recognition.” “Every doctoral student defends his thesis,” said the diplomat.

The act had a wide representation of the Valencian leaders of Vox. The spokesperson for the ultra formation in the Valencia City Council, José Gosálbez, referred to Sarah as “a true reference to the Catholic Church.” Gosálbez was accompanied by the deputy spokesperson for Vox in the Valencian Corts José María Llanos, the regional deputy Miriam Turiel and the deputy in Congress for Ávila Georgina Trias. “An example of Faith, and with an exceptional pen,” Llanos said of Cardinal Robert Sarah.

The Valencian Opus Dei swallows Aragon

Opus Dei has partially reorganized its constituencies in Spain. In the reconfiguration decided by Monsignor Fernando Ocáriz, prelate in Spain of Opus Dei, the Work in Valencia engulfs that of Zaragoza, forming the new delegation of Aragon and Levante, based in the capital of Turia. On the other hand, Barcelona gains even more weight in the structure of Opus Dei, incorporating Torreciudad, the great sanctuary located in the Ribagorza del Alto Aragón region in the province of Huesca.

Opus Dei has maintained an intense relationship with Valencia. Road, the book written by the founder José María Escrivá de Balaguer was published for the first time in September 1939, a few months after the occupation of the city by Franco’s troops, in Gráficas Turia (at number 12 Calle del Pintor Salvador April from the Russafa neighborhood). Some of the first members of the Work were recruited in the Colegio Mayor San Juan de Ribera in Burjassot. In addition, the first rented premises that Opus Dei had was located on a mezzanine floor at number 9 on Calle de Samaniego, which was later moved to number 16 on the same street. There, a few meters from the Higher Police Headquarters, the scene of the terrible post-war repression, Escrivá de Balaguer spent the night.