Wednesday, October 27

Hopes of a cash refund dashed for Ryanair and BA customers for flights impacted by Covid as regulator shuts down investigation

But today the CMA concluded that, after a “thorough examination of the relevant law”, the law “does not provide passengers with a sufficiently clear right to a refund”.

Andrea Coscelli, chief executive of the CMA, said: “We strongly believe people who are legally prevented from taking flights due to lockdown laws should be offered a full refund and we launched this investigation in the hope we would be able to secure a positive outcome for consumers.

“However, after considering the relevant law and gathering evidence in our investigation, we have concluded that the length of time required to take this case through the courts, and the uncertain outcome, can no longer justify the further expense of public money.”

Under consumer protection law, passengers are entitled to refunds when an airline cancels a flight, because the firm cannot provide its contracted services. However, the CMA said it does not clearly cover whether people should be refunded when their flight goes ahead but they are legally prevented from taking it.

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