Sunday, May 28

Hospitalizations for omicron quintupled in CDMX so far this year

With the fourth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, driven by the variant omicron, so far in 2022 the occupation has multiplied by five hospitable in the country’s capital, where it already reaches 73.11 percent.

According to the Report COVID-19, that the government of the Mexico City published daily, the number of beds in hospital occupied went from 383 registered, on January 2, to 2,058 recorded on January 22, which represents an increase of 437 percent.

The Information System of the IRAG Network (Serious Acute Respiratory Infections), of the Ministry of Health at the federal level, also places the country’s capital as the fourth entity with the highest hospital occupation.

As of January 23, Durango ranked first in occupation of hospitalization beds general, with 82.65 percent, followed by Nuevo León, with 74.97 percent; Aguascalientes, with 73.21 percent, and Mexico City, with 73.11 percent.

In the Mexican capital, hospitals of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) that already register saturation are: the National Medical Center La Raza, General Hospital of Zone 48 San Pedro Jalpa, General Hospital of Zone 47 Vicente Guerrero, General Hospital of Zone No. 2-A Troncoso, Regional General Hospital 1 McGregor, Siglo 21 National Medical Center, General Hospital of the Zone with Family Medicine Unit No. 8 San Ángel, Morelos Temporary Care Center, Pediatric Gynecology Unit No. 3A Magdalena de las Salinas, Regional General Hospital 2 Villa Coapa, General Hospital of Zone 32 Villa Coapa and General Hospital 24 Insurgentes.

In the historical series, according to the IRAG Network Information System, the percentage of hospital occupancy went from 16.06 percent to 73.11 percent.