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How blockchain, NFT and Solana transform Mini Royale: Nations game

Mini Royale: Nations, developed by Faraway, has reached 2 million active users since its integration into the Solana scalability blockchain and activating NFT avatars. The boom and demand for non-fungible or NFT tokens has brought this digital multiplayer game to a new historical milestone. Faraway co-founder Alex Paley said in November that his online multiplayer game would be integrated into Solana. The goal was to scale the user experience, enable crypto collectibles, and, in the near future, offer a governance and utility token of its own for its gaming community. With this change, Mini Royale: Nations It has been reformulated as a blockchain game, being the first to integrate live with Solana.

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Mini Royale: Nations, Solana y NFTs

Mini Royale: Nations It was developed as a free online multiplayer first person shooter game where participants could demonstrate their ability to gain reputation, level up, get new weapons and conquer buildings and other spaces. Now, with a new and innovative concept based on NFTs and cryptocurrencies, Mini Royale: Nations allows its players to be rewarded for their skill and for the time they spend in-game.

The game allows participants to maintain ownership over avatars. In addition to earning rewards for completing daily live missions and daily attendance. Mini Royale: Nations it is also geared towards digital land ownership. Currently, the rewards are delivered in Orbs, a non-crypto currency that will be able to be exchanged for the CHEDDAR utility token in 2022.

Avatares NFT

On December 9, Faraway, the game developer company, advertisement the creation and launch of 10,000 unique NFT avatars of Mini Royale: Nations on the Solana network. They sold out in just 30 seconds, accumulating sales of more than $ 1.3 million.

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The NFTs of the digital game are they offered through the NFT Magic Eden market platform, also built on the Solana network. To date, these non-fungible tokens accumulate sales in excess of 16,900 SOL, valued at about 2.87 million dollars. The current average sale price of these NFTs reaches 3 SOL, the native cryptocurrency of the Solana blockchain.

Mini Royale: Nations NFT at Solana MarketPlace

600,000 active users per month

The explosive interest that games like Axie Infinity have aroused in NFTs has grown the active user base in Mini Royale: Nations. In the last month, the blockchain game has doubled the number of active users per month (MAU) to a total of 600,000.

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$ 30 million in financing

In early November, the Faraway company raised $ 30 million in an investment round participated by Solana Ventures Partners and other crypto investors. Such as Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), FTX, Pantera Capital, Lightspeed, among others. Faraway reported that the funds would go towards expanding its game to a potentially larger market. And that it would be developed on the Solana blockchain as this is one of the most scalable networks in the industry, with the capacity to handle high demand.

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Digital property and economy

Paley also noted that despite the integration of NFTs into their digital game, Mini Royale: Nations it is not a game based on Play to Earn The Play to win. The interest of developers is to take advantage of the potential and opportunities of blockchain technology and NFTs to position Mini Royale: Nations as a space where true digital property is guaranteed. And where its players and participants can build their own open and inclusive economies.

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