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How does Sinovac work against the Delta variant | Digital Trends Spanish

Variant COVID-19 Delta It is currently one of the greatest health concerns in the world, since its high level of contagion and the possible reduction in the effectiveness of some vaccines to combat it, have led the producing laboratories to meticulous studies to determine how their inoculations behave in this context.

And in conversation with the Reuters agency, the Chinese epidemiologist Zhong Nanshan, presented preliminary results of a small sample that he carried out with Sinovac from Coronavac against the variant that was started in India.

“Sinovac spokesman Liu Peicheng told Reuters that preliminary results based on blood samples from people vaccinated with his injection showed a three-fold reduction in the neutralizing effect against Delta,” the report read.

One of the windows that this spokesperson for Sinovac He advanced, is that possibly a third dose is necessary to face Delta and that this would cause stronger and more durable antibodies over time.

The image shows the logo of the Chinese laboratory Sinovac Biotech.

Of course, in the Guandong area in China, where there was an outbreak of COVID-19 with the Delta variant, of all the serious patients, these were not vaccinated.

The precedent that for now worries the Chinese authorities and the laboratory that produces Sinovac, is that on June 17, an outbreak of the Delta variant was reported in Indonesia among more than 350 doctors and medical workers despite having been vaccinated with Sinovac; of these cases, a dozen had more severe symptoms with high fever and falling oxygen saturation levels.

The World Health Organization (WHO) approved the emergency use of the Sinovac vaccine on June 2, with results showing that it prevented symptomatic disease in 51% of recipients and prevented severe COVID-19 and severe disease. hospitalizations.

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