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How does the TV mirror viralized by Leo Messi | Digital Trends Spanish

A recent image published by Lionel Messi on social networks generated some curiosity in Internet users due to a piece of technology. In the image, the PSG player with his family was seen looking at a television that seemed to be floating in the air, as if it were in a mirror.

And the question about what kind of TV is this came up automatically. Broadly speaking, the answer is simple and does not have to do so much with the television but with the mirror itself: it is what is known as Mirror TV, a mirror with a special technology that allows light to pass through. of the TV located behind.

This is achieved by what is called a dielectric mirror, which allows different wavelengths; In simpler words, they can be adjusted to make them reflective or transparent. This mirror is located in front of the television, which can be a traditional model based on any type of technology (LCD, LED, OLED, etc.) and that, when the device is turned on, shows the images like a normal television. On the other hand, when it is turned off it shows up as an ordinary mirror.

Mirror TVs are generally built to order, and there are a number of companies around the world that create these sets, using various TV models and frames as needed. In addition to Messi’s home, these mirror televisions can be found frequently in restaurants and hotels, fulfilling a decorative function and also saving space.

The prices of mirror televisions vary depending on the size, the frame, the television that is used and even the brand that makes it. In Mexico, some companies that make mirror televisions offer the most basic models starting at $ 900 and these can include light frames or special decorations.

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