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How is the controversy between Among Us and his clone in Fortnite | Digital Trends Spanish

Fortnite just got a new free game mode, which goes by the name of Fortnite: Impostors and that is something like a new version of the popular Among Us. And apparently the creators of the latter were not very happy with the “tribute”, judging by their reactions on social networks.

And is that Fortnite: Impostors It is basically Among us within another game; Here, there are 10 players who meet on a special map and have to discover who the impostor is. Among the players there is a group of Agents, who have to perform various tasks within the map, while the Imposters must sabotage the rest and go unnoticed. Every so often, there will be a voting round in which you will try to eliminate the impostors from the map.

If the above reads as a description of Among us It is no coincidence, because basically the same type of game is described.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the reactions of the creators of Among us are not the most positive. Victoria Tran, head of communications for the Innersloth studio, wrote on Twitter that some kind of collaboration between the two studios would have been great, suggesting that basically Epic Games copied the game format and added it to Fortnite without asking anyone.

it would & # 39; ve been really, really cool to collab haha.

just sad indie hours rn.

& mdash; Victoria Tran 🧋 (@TheVTran) August 17, 2021

Now, Epic Games does not have to ask anyone for permission to create their own version of Among us within Fortnite. The subject of game mechanics that are patented has already been part of the discussion in the past and in general there is consensus that patenting mechanics is not good.


& mdash; Gary Porter (@supergarydeluxe) August 17, 2021

And precisely one of the founders of Innersloth agrees with that. Marcus Bromander, also co-creator of Among Us, reveals that they did not patent the mechanics of the game because that “does not help the videogame industry to be healthy.” But in the same way, it also suggests that Epic Games had no trouble trying a little harder:

We didn & # 39; t patent the Among Us mechanics. I don’t think that leads to a healthy game industry. Is it really that hard to put 10% more effort into putting your own spin on it though?

& mdash; Puff (@PuffballsUnited) August 17, 2021

Beyond controversy and probably not many people who play Fortnite This is going to matter to him, the truth is that the image of Epic Games is the one that ends up sprinkled with all this. Because finally, Epic is the big and powerful company that, with the resources it manages, could well create its own version of Among us in a less obvious way and it doesn’t seem like they cloned the success of a small developer like Innersloth.

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