Wednesday, October 5

How is the platform that allows you to buy digital dollars and pay them in 400 different ways

That is why Airtm, an American financial services company that works simultaneously in more than 125 countries globally and has more than a million users, has been presented in Argentina and is already operational to offer those who wish, the possibility of buying virtual dollars abroad with a price according to the local market and without limits.

The operation of the account is very easy since through a system “Peer to peer” -the same one used by Uber or Mercado Pago- Airtm freezes the value of the money that the customer enters, equating it to the US dollar and providing the user with a digital dollar account in the cloud within the platform so that they can manage that money however you want, transforming it whenever you want into any other currency or virtual asset.

Once clients fund their account in Airtm (in Argentine pesos or any other currency) through any of the 400 possible methods, The platform, in accordance with the exchange rates of the moment calculated in the free market – an average of the blue dollar and the CCL – calculates the amount AirUSD – digital dollars – to receive for that amount of pesos. If the user accepts the exchange value, Airtm immediately connects him within the same platform with other clients authorized by the company who will take the request and deposit the virtual dollars in the account.

The whole process takes between 8-14 minutes and is much cheaper than making the purchase through other platforms, he says Airtm.

When the transaction is made, the platform generates a stable coin called AirUSD, which is backed by the US dollar. That is to say, Each “issued” AirUSD is backed by the equivalent of US $ 1 in a US bank account, thus generating a 1 to 1 parity with the US currency and providing total customer security.

Airtm is the support and the intermediary so that this action can be carried out in a legal and transparent way, since It is regulated by FinCEN, the one in charge in the US to oversee money laundering, terrorist financing and other financial crimes.

“We are very happy to be able to start our operations in Argentina. Our goal is to give all Argentines in any corner of the country the possibility of having access to a financial alternative with fewer restrictions, so that they can save in a stable currency in the simplest possible way “, stated the founder and CEO of Airtm, Ruben Galindo.

And I add: “The purchase can be made through 400 different forms of payment, which gives the person the freedom to operate in the way that is most convenient for them.”

AirUSD can be bought with all the currencies of the world, and not only the so-called “fiat currencies” such as Pesos, Bolívares, Reales, the dollar, the euro, etc. but also all cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin or money held in other wallets such as PayPal or even gift cards from stores such as Amazon, Playstation, Ebay can be transformed into AirUSD, among other.

Undoubtedly, Airtm is a revolution in the finance market in our country and offers its clients the possibility to buy digital dollars and other virtual assets safely, legally, quickly and with a very low commission.