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How long can I leave my cat alone?

Neither surly nor as independent as they are painted. The stereotype that cats are beings that require less care, time or attention that dogs is not, far from it, true. And we know, thanks to science, that cats love us, and that they have a hard time when we’re not around, just like their canine companions.

This brings us to the question of how long we can leave our cats alone at home; a very repeated doubt in the feline behavior consultation; especially when it comes time to plan a trip, a weekend getaway, even a vacation.

Cats also suffer when they are left alone

Well, the time that our favorite pampering ball should stay home alone may not be as long as we thought. First because the cats suffer anxiety when they are left alonejust like dogs.

In fact, according to a study of the Juiz de Fora University, Brazilpublished in the scientific journal PLOS ONE, one in ten cats suffers from separation anxiety, and suffers significantly when their human family leaves home.

Cleared up: cats have emotional and social needs; In addition, they love us, a lot, and they suffer when they are left alone for a long period of time.

How long can my cat be home alone?

The draft bill protection and animal rights of the Ministry of Social Rights and Agenda 2030 (which continues, since October, pending approval), establishes that a cat cannot be left alone, without supervision, during a maximum of three days; although it reduces the term to a maximum of 24 hours in the case of dogs.

But many experts in feline behavior agree that cats should not be left alone at home, without supervision, more than 24 hours. Thus, the maximum term that the future animal rights law establishes for dogs would also be ideal for cats.

Maybe we are tempted to leave our purr comrade alone, with a full food bowl and a bowl of water, and venture away from home for the weekend. Overall, you don’t have to go out for a walk, and you can dislodge your bladder in the litter box. The problem is that it is not that simple, and this long absence can compromise the health of our dear friend.

On the one hand, because cats they may overeat because of anxiety, and stuffing, something I see daily in my cat patients; and even get hurt; so closing the door and crossing your fingers is not a good idea.

Or we may wonder if an automatic feeder for our cat, which dispenses a certain amount of food at certain times of the day, solves our dilemma. Not necessarily: automatic feeders sometimes fail, or break down.

In addition, it is not just about eating and drinking: since we love our cats, and very much, we are increasingly concerned about their emotional health. If our cat has a hard time when we are not at home during a prolonged absence, it may show us with some emotional anxiety symptoms.

Among them, with vomiting, loss of appetite, diarrhea and our friend may even stop using his litter box because of anxiety, as I see in many cats that I visit in their domestic environment.

So does my cat need someone to take care of her when I’m away?

That is. If we plan to spend a few days away from home, the ideal is to ask or hire someone to take care of our cats while we are away. Someone to take a look at our furry friends at least once a day; even better, every 12 hours.

Since cats can be afraid of people they don’t know, ideally Let’s tell or hire someone familiarthat our cat friend already knows and, better still, that he likes cats as much as we do.

The ideal thing is that, in addition, this caregiver or caregiver puts the food to our meowing companions at the same hours that we usually do it, so as not to break their routines. And, if she is usually afraid of people she doesn’t know, it’s strange to ask her to play with our friend.

Still, our adorable furry companion will appreciate that you at least take care of his most basic needs; that is, to fill the food bowl, change the water, and make sure it is fresh, and that their litter box (preferably, several litter boxes) are clean.

And this person can always stay at home for a while, sit and read, talk lovingly to our cat; or simply, provide our mustachioed friend with the typical human presence, sitting on the sofa, watching TV for a while or checking his phone.

The important: remind you to interact with our dear partner according to their own cat rules; and at the pace that he or she sets. And there are cats that even prefer that the caregiver stay home to sleep; but that depends a lot on each feline. We already see it: they will miss us, but we will know that they are cared for and cared for.

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