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How long does it take to download a 4GB movie in each country? | Digital Trends Spanish

If you work remotely or if you are fond of the digital world and you constantly download content, it is likely that the speed of the internet and the cost of the connection are important data to you.

The Maltese operator Melita published a study that reviews the speeds and prices of internet connections from almost all over the world, gathering information from both mobile data and broadband in a interactive website.

To identify the countries with the cheapest mobile data in the world, the internet comparison site gathered information from 6,148 mobile data plans in 221 regions. The data was collected between December 8, 2020 and February 25, 2021.


According to the study, Israel has the cheapest mobile data in the world. There, 1GB of data costs an average of $ 0.05.

On the other hand, the region with the most expensive mobile internet connection is Equatorial Guinea, where 1 GB costs $ 49.67. It is followed by the Falkland Islands with $ 44.56, and Santa Elena Island with $ 39.87.

On the broadband side, the country where it is cheapest monthly is Ukraine, costing $ 6.41. In contrast, there is the African country Mauritania, where broadband costs $ 712.46 per month.

The study also revealed the countries with the best times to download a 4GB movie or file. Singapore leads the table, taking just two minutes and 55 seconds; there they have an average speed of 234.4 Mbps.

In the opposite way, we have Equatorial Guinea, where downloading the same file takes 15 hours and 10 minutes. In that country the average speed is 0.75 Mbps.

Following this line, the countries in America that take the least time to download the same file are the United States with three minutes and 44 seconds, Chile with four minutes and one second, and Canada with four minutes and 13 seconds.

The study mentions that African countries are in worse conditions in relation to internet connections, which is due to the lack of adequate infrastructure and that a low portion of the population can afford this service. Other territories with poor conditions are the archipelagos and remote islands, because bringing broadband to these places is a costly and complex process.

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