Thursday, May 19

How many characters should a truly strong password have? Digital Trends Spanish

There is no one who has not been annoyed when a platform rejects the creation of a password because it is not considered “secure” or “strong” enough. Memory doesn’t help either, since remembering one for each site is a task for the gifted. In this sense, comfort and carelessness are hackers’ best friends.

Here comes the worst news: even a password built by mixing lowercase, uppercase, numbers and special symbols can also be fertile ground for cybercriminals. A study of the security company Hive Systems determined that, for example, a complex key of eight characters could be cracked in just 39 minutes using state-of-the-art technology.

Not to mention the only numerical passwords. According to the same version, one of between four and 11 characters can be instantly guessed. Even an 18-figure could be breached in three weeks. Although life is short-lived and rarely extends for more than a century, experts believe that even a 17-character one with only lowercase letters is risky, despite the fact that it could only be decoded in the distant 2091…

If you intend to follow Hive Systems’ suggestions to create a truly secure key, you need to use lowercase, uppercase, numbers, and special symbols in a combination of at least 16 characters. With that structure, it would take a hacker 92 billion (92 billion) years to discover it.

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