Monday, December 4

How many voice messages are sent every day by WhatsApp? | Digital Trends Spanish

WhatsApp is one of the most updated mobile applications today and one of the most useful when communicating with our contacts. One of the outstanding elements of this service is that it also allows us to send voice messages when we cannot (or do not want) to write a text.

In fact, this resource is one of the most used and the one that has received the most improvements in recent times. It is also one of the most popular tools and now we finally know how many such files are sent daily.

According to information shared by WhatsApp, its users send an average of 7 billion voice messages every day. It is something to be expected, according to the application, since the audios allow people “to have more expressive conversations”.

On its website, the messaging service noted that “showing emotion or arousal through voice is more natural than text.” Currently, this service is used by more than 2 billion users who send close to 100 billion messages every day.

In this way, everything indicates that the preference for voice messages should continue to grow among those who use WhatsApp. The messaging application is aware of this trend, for the same reason, in recent times it has launched a series of improvements for this message format.

One of the most important is the one that allows you to play the audio in the background, with which users can minimize the application and perform other actions on the device while listening to the message.

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