Thursday, August 5

How much do Walmart, Ikea and Amazon pollute with their shipments? | Digital Trends Spanish

A report gives an account of everything that large companies pollute due to their maritime shipments. The figures are surprising, especially since many of these companies recognize themselves as green.

Thus, the 15 companies that appear in the report generated almost as much climate pollution in 2019 as the equivalent of 1.5 million homes in a year.

The report looks at greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution caused by shipping cargo batteries around the world.

Walmart tops the list, generating more greenhouse gas emissions than a coal-fired power plant in a year.

Ashley Furniture, Target, Dole and Home Depot round out the top five. Ikea and Amazon rank seven and eight, respectively. Samsung ranks ninth and LG eleventh.

The report was released today by the environmental organizations Pacific Environment and

“This pillar of the companies’ emissions portfolio had not really been investigated,” says Madeline Rose, lead author of the report.

“Frankly, with the climate emergency that we have at the door, we believe that it is necessary that the data system be altered and that there be greater transparency.”

In order to track company emissions, the study managers consulted a database to identify the largest U.S. importers by volume.

Based on the ships’ trips, they were able to estimate fuel consumption and the resulting emissions.

According to the study, the 15 companies mentioned generated as much air pollution in 2019 (including soot, sulfur oxide and nitrous oxide) as tens of millions of vehicles and trucks.

This is not minor, since it is estimated that about 60,000 people die prematurely each year from being exposed to air pollution from maritime transport.

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