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How much does a full NASA spacesuit cost | Digital Trends Spanish

Spacesuits are designed for astronauts to survive the harsh conditions in space and for walks outside the International Space Station (ISS). Basically, they are designed for the impossible.

This type of clothing has always aroused fascination among space lovers, the only problem is that they are practically unattainable for the general public. The suit used today is known as the Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU) and was designed more than four decades ago.

Many want to know how much one of these can cost, however, it is difficult to access precise data, although an approximation can be known. This difficulty is mainly due to the fact that there are several versions of the same suit, which have been developed over the decades.

ILC Dover, the company that makes the basic EMU suits, reported that these suits could cost close to $2 million. Also, the firm comments that they can be reused, which could help reduce costs.

For its part, a report from the University of Delaware indicates that a spacesuit from the time of the Apollo could have cost between $75,000 and $100,000 during the 1960s. If that amount is brought to our times, it would reach a price above average a million dollars.

In accordance with Insiderthe spacesuit that was made in 1974 was priced at an estimated $15 to $22 million, about $150 million today.

The bad news is that the prototype developed by NASA is much more complex and advanced, so everything indicates that the price of this space clothing should continue to rise.

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