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How much does Netflix cost in the United States? | Digital Trends Spanish

Having remained unchanged since October 2020, Netflix announced last month that its subscription prices in the United States would increase. Are you considering hiring the most famous streaming service in the world? Do not be confused: here we explain how much does netflix cost from January 2022.

At its most basic level, for $10 a month you get access to an incredible selection of acclaimed productions, but if you want to share your account with other users or watch movies in higher resolution, the cost will increase. And although the rate scheme is simple, it never hurts to be explained how it works.

Note: These prices apply to the United States. They may vary in other countries.

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streaming plans

Netflix has three plans: Basic, for $10 per month, Standard ($15.50), and Premium ($20). What do these fees translate to in terms of content? Nothing, because the catalog is the same for everyone.

The limitations come in the form of resolution: Basic will not stream above an SD quality (StandardDefinition), while the Standard plan is restricted to Full HD. If you go up to Premium you can enjoy material in 4K Ultra HD.

There’s another notable difference between the Basic, Standard, and Premium plans, and that’s the number of people who can use the same account at the same time: a single user on the cheapest option, and four on the most expensive.

Plan Price Number of viewers Resolution
Basic (streaming) $10 one SD
Standard (streaming) $15.50 two HD
Premium (streaming) $20 4 HD + Ultra HD

DVD and Blu-ray

Netflix has stayed true to its roots, continuing its DVD-by-mail rental service, which preceded the arrival of its streaming platform in 2010 and the meteoric rise of smart TVs and devices like Roku. The only difference currently is that you won’t find DVD and Blu-ray options on the Netflix site. Instead of this, disk plans have gone to DVD.coma company owned by Netflix that handles all things DVD and Blu-ray.

Netflix’s standard subscription tier is priced at $10 per month for access to an unlimited number of DVDs and Blu-rays, with rentals limited to a single disc at a time. The Premier plan, meanwhile, costs $15 a month for the option to order up to two discs at once.

Plan Price
number of disks
a month
Number of discs at a time
Standard $10 Unlimited one
Premier $15 Unlimited two

What is the best subscription?

Standard or Premium plans are great starting points, allowing viewers to enjoy an HD experience. The streaming quality you get with the basic plan will never reach the same standards as these two. Netflix Basic plan subscribers have limited access to standard definition (SD) streams. As a bonus, the Standard and Premium subscription plans offer sharing, which means you can watch Netflix content on multiple devices.

Of course, users in certain areas are limited to standard definition due to the speed of their internet connection, in which case it’s not worth paying the higher price. Paying $5.50 more to upgrade from Basic to Standard is worth it if you can take advantage of the increased resolution.

If you have a 4K TV, a Premium account is a great upgrade. Because a 4K Ultra HD screen has four times as many pixels, you’ll have four times the resolution of a Full HD screen. Paying a few dollars more per month to get the most out of your 4K devices is a worthwhile investment, so upgrade to Premium to access Netflix’s 4K Ultra HD content.

How to save by subscribing

There are ways to save some money when you subscribe to Netflix. As already mentioned, one of the most common options is to share the cost with friends or family. In this case, you’d probably want to go for the $20 Premium plan to get access to 4K streaming; it can be enjoyed on four screens at once.

Another way to get service for less (or even free, in some cases) is to look for bundles from internet providers, smart TV and device companies, and cell phone companies that include it. An example is T-Mobile, which offers this type of benefit to those who take advantage of the package Netflix on us.

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