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Headed by platforms like Uber, ride-sharing services are one of the top options for those looking to generate additional income. Buthow many win an Uber driver in United States? Although there is no single answer, we will shed some light for you to evaluate whether it is convenient for you as a temporary or complementary job.

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Uber has made estimates that put the average income at up to $ 40 an hour in the United States. Of course, these are calculations made in large cities, where the demand and the distances traveled are greater. Other more conservative estimates put it around $ 10 to $ 15 an hour as the national average.

How the fee is calculated

The first thing to consider is how Uber calculates the rates of the trips and, subsequently, and the payment for its “driving partners”. The platform takes into account several factors when defining how much it will charge passengers, where the type of vehicle or the distance are just a few.

In simple terms, payment is based on the number of trips booked and successfully completed based on the following variables:

  • Base rates.
  • Location.
  • Journey distance.
  • Dynamic rate (time of day and demand).
  • Frequency of work.
  • Other incentives.

One of the recommendations that Uber makes to its collaborators is to review the heat map in the application so that drivers can know when and where the demand for passengers is highest and in this way they can generate more income.


Court recognizes employment relationship between driver and Uber

Once a trip has been successfully completed (or if the passenger cancels it more than two minutes after requesting it, better known as the cancellation fee), the driver does not receive the full amount that the passenger paid.

Uber charges a 25 percent commission on the total cost that was applied to the passenger, which is intended to cover the use of the software, collection and transfer of fares, credit card commission and the distribution of invoices to customers, according to the company.

However, this amount must be considered a reservation fee and a safe travel fee, which can be between $ 1 and $ 3 dollars, amounts that are not part of the drivers’ income.

In this way, the commissions that the platform finally applies can be higher than 25 percent when it comes to short trips.


In the United States, Uber drivers are contract workers of the form 1099In other words, they can set their own hours and have their own tools to carry out their tasks. In this way, they are responsible for the maintenance of the vehicle, its permits and fuel.

For this same reason, they must pay income tax on the earnings they earn at Uber, and self-employment tax (7.65%, half of what dependent workers pay) if their income exceeds $ 400 annually. to cover the Medicare and Social Security.

How much does an Uber driver make in the United States?

Uber Technologies Inc.

Uber estimated the average earnings of drivers in major cities in the United States at up to $ 40, after commissions. The calculation was made among drivers who are at least 20 hours online per week.

The earnings do not take into account expenses (vehicle maintenance, fuel), which are the responsibility of the drivers. These were estimated at between $ 3 to $ 4.50 per hour for the Toyota Prius and Toyota Camry, the most popular vehicles on the platform.

Town Average hourly earnings
New York $ 37.44
Miami $ 27.50
The Angels $ 26.85
Chicago $ 30.49
Washington dc $ 26.62
New Jersey $ 26.67
Atlanta $ 26.40
San Francisco $ 25.28
Houston $ 22.97
Dallas $ 26.32
Philadelphia $ 32.60
Boston $ 26.59
Orlando $ 22.65
NYC Suburbs $ 23.87
Tampa bay $ 25.35

In New York and Seattle, in addition, the earnings of Uber drivers may be higher, because they passed a regulation that created a minimum hourly wage for drivers who were connected to the application, even if they did not have passengers.

Although they may seem optimistic calculations, these differ from those made by entities such as Go Banking Rates, a credit consultant. This entity has estimated that in New York or San Francisco the earnings fluctuate between $ 30 and $ 65 dollars, with an average of $ 44 to $ 45 dollars.

Is it convenient to be an Uber driver?

Although the biggest advantage of being an Uber driver has to do with flexible hours, at the end of the day everything will depend on income expectations, time you plan to allocate to the platform and the potential demand for passengers in your city.

One of the advantages of Uber is health care insurance for drivers, which gives them a subsidy of up to 100 percent. But it is necessary to demonstrate that they are the main policyholders and that on average they actively drive 15 hours a week.

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