Friday, September 22

How resistant is the iPhone SE to drops and water | Digital Trends Spanish

Apple introduced the third-generation iPhone SE a few weeks ago. The company assured that one of the outstanding elements of the phone was its glass, recognized as one of the most resistant that has been used in a device of its kind.

The apple firm revealed that the glass that was used is the same that users can see on the iPhone 13 and that it has been recognized for its durability. Now, Allstate Protection Plans, an insurer in the United States, wanted to verify the veracity of what Apple pointed out with a resistance test of the iPhone SE 3.

Probably the most important takeaway from the test is that this phone does indeed appear to be more durable than the previous model and almost as durable as the iPhone 13.

Thus, the iPhone SE was able to survive a two-meter impact in the face-down drop test on a pavement: it only ended up with minor scratches. Meanwhile, in a drop test on its back, the device cracked after falling from the same height.

The phone also survived the 6-foot drop test with some scratches on its aluminum frame, putting it on par with the iPhone 13, at least in this test.

The company also put the phone through a 30-minute immersion test to check the IP67 waterproof rating. In this category, the cell phone was able to withstand a meter of water for half an hour without problems, although there was a bit of audio dampening after taking it out.

In short, everything indicates that Apple was not lying when it highlighted the resistance capabilities of this new phone.

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