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How the first Mexican in space lived her experience | Digital Trends Spanish

An unparalleled experience lived Katya Echazarretaa 26-year-old woman born in Guadalajara and who lives in the United States where she studied electrical engineering at the University of California, since she became the first Mexican to travel to the space.

Echazarreta was part of the Blue Origin crew, which completed the fifth manned flight of the New Shepard suborbital launcher on Saturday, June 3, which has passed the Kármán line, considered the border between Earth and space.

The Mexican-born lived a few minutes in microgravity with Evan Dick, Hamish Harding, Victor Correa Hespanha, Jaison Robinson and Victor Vescovo.

The view changes you. #NS21

— Blue Origin (@blueorigin) June 4, 2022

After graduating, Katya spent nearly four years at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, collaborating on five different space missions, including the Perseverance rover and the Europa Clipper probe.

Currently, the 26-year-old engineer is pursuing a master’s degree at Johns Hopkins University and is dedicated to scientific dissemination on social networks. She participates in a couple of YouTube science series (Netflix IRL Y CBS’s Mission Unstoppable) and has tens of thousands of followers on his personal Twitter accounts. TikTok, Twitter and Instagramwhere she talks about the role of women in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

Her life changed forever when she was announced to ride the Blue Origin.

The first Mexican astronaut to travel to space was Rodolfo Neri Vela, who participated in the STS-61-B mission of the Space Shuttle Atlantis in 1985.

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