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How to Access Hundreds of Free Technology Courses | Digital Trends Spanish

Distance education is an attractive option for those who do not want – or cannot – attend face-to-face classes. An alternative that, hand in hand with the COVID-19 pandemic, experienced a notable boost. Today the possibilities are more numerous and varied than ever. If you are interested in learning something new without leaving home, we gather the top alternatives to access hundreds of free technology courses.

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Although most of the courses are 100 percent free – including access to educational material – if you are looking to receive a diploma, you will have to make a payment. Anyway, they are excellent options if you want to update or refresh your knowledge.

Free courses in Spanish


These are some of the free technology programs offered by major Spanish-speaking universities.

Autonomous University of Barcelona

Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain)

National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)

Technological Institute of Mexico

Catholic University of Chile

University of Chile

University of Los Andes (Argentina)

Free courses from tech companies

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We collect in one place the improvement centers of the main technology companies. Their platforms offer free documentation and resources.

  • Adobe Education Exchange: is a free learning platform developed by the company behind programs like Photoshop and Illustrator. Although geared toward educators, the workshops, classes, and resources are helpful to everyone. If you are looking for a certification, Adobe Digital Learning Services offers alternatives from company partners around the world.
  • Amazon AWS Training and Certification: offers more than a hundred digital courses, which will allow you to learn new ones related to cloud services. The platform allows filtering by specialty and areas of interest.
  • Linux Training Center: The platform also has multiple free offers and paid certifications. Although it does not have a section for those who have no cost, it is worth reviewing it. You may find yourself with a surprise.
  • Google Digital Garage: The Californian company offers more than 150 free courses in subjects such as digital marketing, technology and data, as well as professional development. Most of the courses are free, although you must pay for the certifications.
  • Intel Developer Zone: The American processor manufacturer offers free resources on topics such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, video game development and data centers, among others. It has a calendar for free online workshops, documentation, and discussion forums.
  • Microsoft / LinkedIn: Through LinkedIn Learning, the learning platform of its social network for professionals, Microsoft, offers ten free courses that answer the jobs with the highest demand and the skills most demanded by companies.
  • Samsung Dev: The Korean firm’s offer is aimed at developers, through courses on IoT, artificial intelligence and on specific aspects of their products. Anyway, it is a good opportunity to delve into some areas.
  • Twitter Flight School: Although it is a space aimed at social media administrators who use Twitter, some of its courses also provide insights into digital marketing in general.

Platforms to search for free courses

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These are the main platforms that bring together the courses taught by universities, training centers and companies.

  • Open Learn: initiative of the Open University of the United Kingdom, which seeks to promote free resources for learning. It has more than 900 free courses.
  • EDX: is a platform powered by Harvard Universities and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that offers open online courses (MOOCs).
  • Coursera: is an open online course portal, which brings together academic information from universities around the world. It offers free courses and other paid ones.
  • Udemy: one of the leading providers of online courses, most of which are paid. However, it has a section with free tools.

Free courses in English

We chose the platforms of five of the most prestigious universities in the world. All courses are in English.

  • MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW): Free, publicly accessible, and open-licensed digital collection of resources from more than 2,500 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) courses.
  • Harvard University: the American university offers more than a hundred free courses. It includes some that last from one week to twelve months.
  • Stanford University: It offers more than 40 100 percent free courses, which in addition to being engineering oriented, also cover areas such as health and medicine, education and the arts.
  • California Institute of Technology (Caltech): Although it is a smaller offer, it does offer some courses that are available on video.
  • Oxford University: the prestigious British university has more than 130 free courses, both in technology and other disciplines.

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