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How to Archive Gmail Emails and Where to Find Them Later | Digital Trends Spanish

Maintaining order is one of the keys to having a life – both work and personal – efficient and free from frustration. This can be challenging when discussing the inboxes of those who receive and send hundreds of emails a week, but it’s worth it. With that in mind, in this article we will explain how to archive Gmail emails and where to find them for later review.

Keep in mind that when you archive an email in Gmail you are only taking priority away from your inbox, so the message is still available in your inbox. Something different is what happens when you decide to delete or silence it, which are other alternatives that allow you to order your account.

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Archive, silence or delete an email?

If you want to clear your inbox, Gmail offers you three options: archive emails, silence them or delete them. In simple terms, these are the main characteristics of each of them:

  • Archive a message: When you use this option, the mail will not be available in the inbox. However, it will reappear when someone answers the conversation.
  • Mute a message: just like when you archive a message, the mail will not be available in the inbox. The difference is that the answers will not appear either, so you will have to search the conversation to see it again.
  • Delete a message: You should only use option when you want to get rid of a message forever. Anyway, Gmail keeps deleted emails for 30 days, in case you make a mistake.

How to archive an email in Gmail

Archiving is a great option when you’re not sure if you will need an email in the future. Deep down, it’s like you’re keeping it in a box until you decide to restore it. In fact, when someone replies in the conversation, it will automatically reappear in your inbox.

To archive one or more messages, you must open your inbox and select the emails with the check boxes located on the left side. Then, you must press the option file, which is located on the Gmail toolbar.

How to find an archived email in Gmail

As the messages you archive are not deleted from your mailboxes, you can locate them at any time you want. To do this, you have three alternatives:

  • Search archived messages: When you do a search in Gmail, the results show all emails, including those that are archived.
  • Open the All tab: the label Everybody is available for all your messages. In this way, in this place you can also find any message that you have archived. To find the label, you must press the option Plus, located in the left side menu of Gmail.

A third alternative is to restore an archived message in the inbox, for which you must follow the following steps:

  1. Open Gmail on a computer.
  2. Locate the archived message.
  3. Check the box that is available next to your message.
  4. At the top, click Move to Inbox.

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