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How to ask Google to delete photos of minors | Digital Trends Spanish

Every time you do a search on Google, the results show the websites, images, videos and news related to your query. However, it is likely that you have encountered the not so pleasant that the photograph of one of your children appears among the results. Fortunately, this has a solution, as long as you know how to ask Google to delete photos of minors, what information you should gather, and what other steps you should take.

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You should consider that Google removes non-explicit images of anyone under the age of 18 from search results at the request of the minor, or their parent or guardian, except in cases of relevant public or journalistic interest. This means that those images will not appear in the Images tab or as thumbnails in any Google Search feature.

What information should you gather

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If you are the affected minor, their parent or legal guardian, or an “authorized representative,” you should gather the following information before completing the form to request removal of images.

1) Image URL

Using your computer’s browser, you can identify the URL of the image in Google results by performing the following steps:

The image URL will start with the following format or

2: URL of the search results page (not the website)

To identify the URL of the search results page, this is the simplest way to do it:

  • On your computer, go to
  • Find the image.
  • In the results, click on the image.
  • At the top of the browser, click the address bar to select the full URL.
  • Right-click on the selected URL and press Copy.

3) Collect the search terms associated with the image

You should list as many search terms as associated with the image. It is a process of much trial and error, but we suggest that you do it exhaustively, since it is convenient to exhaust all the options so as not to encounter surprises in the future.

Fill out the form on Google

When you have gathered all the previous information, you must press the button Start delete request available on the Google help page and fill out the available form.

Google will ask you for the name of the affected minor; your name and relationship with the affected person; if you have contacted the owner of the website, what type of content you want to remove and if the image is “explicit or not explicit”.

With this data, a new form will open where you must enter the following data:

  • The URLs of the images that display the content.
  • The URLs of the Google search results pages.
  • Search terms displayed by images.
  • Upload a screenshot to identify the content you want to remove.

Once you complete the form, you will receive an automatic confirmation by email and you will have to wait for Google to review the request and eventually ask for more information. If your request is rejected, you can insist.

Do you need to take additional measures?

Although Google can prevent it from appearing in search results, the photo will still be available on the websites that host it. For this reason, a recommended measure is to contact the webmaster of the site.

Although you can communicate with the person in charge of the page through a contact form, if it is not available or you cannot find it, you can also find out who is the owner of a website. On This article will explain how to do it.

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