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How to bet on the NFL and enjoy the Super Bowl 2022 | Digital Trends Spanish

This year, the Super Bowl will be a great opportunity to place an online bet. After all, the American Gambling Association estimates that Super Bowl LVI will see some $7.6 billion wagered by some 31.5 million people. You can be one of them, and don’t worry if you have never bet on the NFL in an online casino -or in a physical one-, because in this guide we will tell you how to bet on the NFL to enjoy the Super Bowl.

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How to bet on the NFL

To bet on the NFL, you first have to select an online casino, and since there are many, most with welcome bonus offers (typically double the amount of money you deposit), you can choose the one that most appeals to you. attention or the one that gives you the most dollars in bonuses or free bets. Some of the most popular online casinos in the world are Betway or Bet365, while in the United States the best sportsbooks are Draft Kings, BetMGM Y Caesar’s Sportsbook.

Oh, we almost forgot, you’re of legal age, right? In most states you must be at least 21 years old to bet, while in others it is enough that you are 18. Being of legal age is essential, because in order to collect the money you win in bets you will need to provide an official identification. It would be a shame if you can’t collect those millions just because you lied when you created your account.

Have you already chosen your sportsbook, created your account and made your first deposit? So let’s go to the basics.

The point spread

The first thing you need to understand to bet on the NFL is that the basic bet is a line or “point spread”. Without falling into unnecessary technicalities, the important thing is that you understand that the point spread indicates which team is the favorite. In the case of the 2022 Super Bowl, the favorite is the LA Rams.

Screen that indicates which team is the favorite to win in Super Bowl 2022 betting.

Why? Note that the number that appears in their spread, even though it is the same as the Cincinnati Bengals, has a minus. Always, the subtraction symbol will indicate that a team is a favorite, while the addition symbol means that it is the underdog or, let’s say, not the favorite.

Now what does that 4.5 mean? Well, due to the nature of the scoreboard that can be in an NFL game, it indicates the point differential by which this or that team should win. If you bet on the LA Rams, with a spread of -4.5 they should win by a difference of four points or more. If you bet on the Cincinnati Bengals, it will be enough for them to lose by a difference of 4 points or less.

understand the odds

In betting, an odd indicates the probability of an event happening. Again, looking at the odds picture for the spread between the LA Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals, you will see that if you bet on the Rams you would win less than what you would take away by betting on the Bengals.

The odds appear as -105 and -115, respectively. So, to calculate how much money you are going to earn using American odds, you are going to have to calculate with this formula:

If the odds are positive, the formula is (Odd/100) +1. For example, an odd of 105 -> (105/100)+1 = 2.05.
If the odds are negative, the formula is (100/Quota in absolute value) +1. For example, an odd of (100/115)+1 = 1.87.

Screen that indicates how much money would be won in an NFL bet with American odds.

Don’t worry, all casinos show you the amount you would charge if you win. Rest assured that nobody walks in a sportsbook doing this kind of calculations.

Spread or high/low?

Another common bet in the NFL is the “total line” bet, which is divided into high or low bets. Here you must choose whether the total sum of points will be greater or less than a certain number.

Screen indicating a total line bet for an NFL game.

In the case of the 2022 Super Bowl game, we see that the total line is 48.5, so the total points of the game should be more or less than 49.

If you bet high on the LA Rams, it means that they must win by any score that adds up to more than 49 points, for example, 49-3 (total of 52 points). If you bet on the losing Cincinnati Bengals, they must win by a score of less than 49 points, such as 3-42 (total of 45 points).

Bet on a “money line”

It is the simplest bet in the NFL, which is basically betting on the winner regardless of the number of points scored or the difference by which they win or lose.

In the case of the 2022 Super Bowl game, we see that the odds for the LA Rams is -200, so if you want to win $50 you will have to bet $100. If you bet that same $100 on the Bengals, you would win $270. Remember that the minus symbol next to the odds tells you who the favorite is. Good luck, Bengals.

Screen indicating the odds for a "money line" of the 2022 Super Bowl game.

Now that you know the basics, have fun, just remember that gambling can be addictive, so do it in moderation and always take care of your finances.

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