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How to cancel Amazon Prime | Digital Trends Spanish

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Now is the time to say “goodbye” to two-day deliveries, specials, and Prime Video and Prime Music content? Then read on to find out how to cancel Amazon Prime.

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Step 1: find your account

The first thing you should do is go to and log into the Amazon Prime account you want to cancel.

Once you’re there, hover over the button Account and lists in the upper right corner below your name, which will give you a fairly long drop-down menu. From there, select My Prime membership of the available options.

Step 2: be clear about what you are giving up

Next, you will see your Prime membership page, with information about the benefits it includes. We recommend that before continuing with the next step, you take some time to read all the benefits and make sure that there is not something that you are taking advantage of and you do not want to lose when closing the account.

Once you’re sure you want to cancel, head left. There, you will see your membership information and when Prime will be set to renew. Below that, you will see an option that says End membership and benefits. Click on this option, which will take you to a page that starts the cancellation process.

Step 3: confirm the cancellation

Here are some options, along with another opportunity to review the benefits you lose if you unsubscribe. If your account is linked to other Amazon properties, such as Twitch, you will also see them listed here.

Unsurprisingly, Amazon makes a great move to try and stick with it, but if you’re determined to proceed with your cancellation, then you have a couple of options: cancel your membership at the end of this billing period, make use of Prime until then, or Click on Remind me later. If you’d rather end your subscription now and possibly receive a refund, click End my benefits.

The amount refunded, if applicable, is based on your usage and time remaining. So if you barely used Prime and prepaid for a full year, then you will see a larger refund, while an account close to renewal will see less refund. If you click on Keep my benefits, you will be returned to the Prime account page without cancellation.

Remember that when you cancel, you are still considered a customer. Therefore, your Amazon account will still be active. This means that if you re-enroll in Prime, you will have to pay the $ 120 for a year, or $ 13 for a month, immediately. However, you’re also eligible for a free trial of Prime every 12 months, so if it’s been a while, you can save a bit by starting your trial.

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