Monday, March 4

How to change the ownership of Edenor by WhatsApp

“The differential of this tool is that the procedure is carried out from a series of questions that will have to be answered by ‘Yes’ or by ‘No’ in less than five minutes, and this new channel will also allow to adhere to the digital invoice “They explained when giving details of the operation.

Managing the process through this means implies acceptance by users, as a sworn statement, of the conditions for the accreditation of ownership of the service, information that is available at change # of-ownership.

At the beginning of November, the ENRE instructed the electricity service providers Edenor and Edesur to adapt their management mechanisms to promote the re-registration of more than 1.5 million residential users.

The companies have in principle until December 31 to notify the users understood that they have a period of ten business days to comply with the re-registration, and the addresses whose ownership continues with inconsistencies will be subject to cuts.

The electricity supplies to be regularized are 37% of the total users of the two concessions, and whose universe contains addresses in which deceased persons are registered as owners, and which have inconsistencies with the registered data.

Likewise, the case of people who declare themselves as owners of a plurality of addresses is included.

Having the service in the name of the real user allows speeding up the procedures and procedures, and as such the ownership can be used as a certificate of address and enables the award of the Social Rate, since if applicable it is only for the holders of the electric service .