Monday, August 8

How to check the earthquakes that occur in Spain: the app of the National Geographic Institute

Granada lived, for two minutes, really tense moments on August 12. At 11:30 p.m., the provincial capital suffered two earthquakes of magnitude 4.6 and 3.1, followed by five aftershocks throughout the night. The next day, the residents of the city had to recover from the shock.

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And it is that, although they seem unusual, in Spain there are around a dozen earthquakes a day. Many earthquakes in our country may be imperceptible –about 1.5 / 2 on the Richter Scale–, but we may be interested or need to know if one is occurring: that is why the National Geographic Institute (IGN) offers an app to find out.

The app, although it may be little known, can be very useful, since it takes all the seismological data registered in the State. But how does it work?

A free app and on all platforms

IGN Seismology PRO is an application available both in Android like in ios, in addition to having a web alternative. It is completely free and does not contain any advertising in any of its versions.

One of the most useful features is that the user can receive a warning each time an earthquake is detected within a range of the Richter Scale and delimited by areas within Spain.

Although earthquakes can also be seen in real time throughout the country, depending on their strength and if it has already ended or continues. In addition, the user can report and report that he has felt the earthquake.

All the tremors are recorded in a table on the right that indicates the magnitude on the Richter Scale, date, time and location, depth and a link to the IGN report.

How to act in this situation?

One of the most important sections of the IGN Seismology PRO is focused on how to act before, during and after an earthquake. Although these types of situations are difficult to prevent, it is very useful to have this information, especially when we are in danger.

Some of the tips for before experiencing an earthquake that they collect are:

– Have ready: first aid kits, dynamo flashlights, whistles, fire extinguishers and bottled water and non-perishable food.

– Planning: identifying and planning emergency exits, knowing where the water, gas, electricity taps are …

– Reduce risks: anchor pictures, mirrors, lamps, cabinets, etc. and avoid placing blunt or heavy objects at heights.