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How to choose an electric scooter: the best quality / price options

Electric scooters seem to be everywhere. Not only because they have become a very useful means of transport within large cities such as Madrid or Barcelona but also, in some cases, they can be as versatile as a bicycle, especially within urbanized areas.

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And, although it may seem that they are very similar to the classic scooters that gave us so many hours of fun when we were small, the reality of these one-person vehicles is somewhat more complex.

Not only is it that they are vehicles as such, but they also have their own legislation and, since last October 2021, the “grace period” granted by the DGT has already ended. Therefore, before choose an electric scooter, we give you some tips to keep in mind.

VMP Legislation (Personal Mobility Vehicles)

Since this same year 2021, the DGT (General Directorate of Traffic) seems to have focused on the regulation of this type of vehicles that until a few years ago were a minority. We review the most important questions:

  • Do we need a driving license? No, but they will have to have a certificate of circulation. A document that “certifies compliance with the technical requirements” to circulate; This is included in the scooter manual.
  • Do we have to wear a helmet? Yes, it is mandatory since October of this year and not wearing it carries a fine of 200 euros.
  • What can’t I do while riding a scooter? According to the DGT, you cannot: drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, use your mobile or two people ride on it. All these situations can be punished with a fine.
  • Can I drive on sidewalks or pedestrian areas? No, with fines of 200 euros.
  • What is the maximum speed allowed? The VMP are those electric scooters that have motors that support between 6 and 25 km / h. If this exceeds the maximum speed (25 km / h), it would be a type C vehicle and, therefore, we would be forced to obtain a license.

What should I look for when buying a scooter?

Once we have briefly reviewed the current legislation, we can pick up some important points to take into account before buying an electric scooter:

Brakes, lighting and materials. As with any vehicle, safety comes first. We must opt ​​for models where there is good lighting for night trips and the materials ensure good operation, as well as a resistant structure. Regarding the brake, most models choose to combine a disc brake and a regenerative one.

Autonomy. Electric motors, as such, have a time of use and the longer it lasts, the better. Many times, the brands give indicative figures in optimal situations, that is, without taking into account the weight of the driver, the asphalt and the route. Therefore, we must always think that the battery will tend to be less than promised. It is also important to check if the battery is removable, in case we like to leave the scooter outside and, thus, we can charge it without problem.

Folding system. One of the great advantages of these electric scooters is that most of them have a folding system to be able to transport it more easily and store it without taking up much space. In this way, we must make sure that the folding system is a fast, but robust method; It is useless if it folds if it opens at the slightest.

Size and weight. As a result of the previous point, there are times that we will have to carry our scooter (such as, for example, if we get on the subway). Therefore, it is essential to check its weight and size so that it does not become really uncomfortable to wear it hanging.

Some recommendations

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2

The electric scooter par excellence: the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2. It is an electric scooter that complies in all aspects and that even stands out in some of them.

It does not exceed 25 km / h and has a good braking system, in addition to being able to connect to the mobile. The only “but” is that its handlebar is fixed.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter PRO 2 for € 549.99

Hiboy S2 Lite

If we are looking for a really cheap alternative, but functional in short distances, then the Hiboy S2 Lite it can be a great option. An electric scooter weighing less than 10 kilograms, which reaches speeds of up to 16 km / h.

In addition, it has an LED control panel that makes it much easier to use while driving.

2020 E-Twow GT

A “top” electric scooter. The E-Twow GT 2020 is a vehicle with a 10.5 Ah 48V battery, with a speed capped at 25 km / h. Its weight, of just over 12 kilograms, makes it ideal for those who are going to use it on sections with public transport.

2020 E-Twow GT for € 849

Smartgyro Speedway

Another of the favorite options of those users who have been made with electric scooters. The Smartgyro Speedway has a brake system with four discs, turn signals, a 13,000 mAh battery, double suspension, LED lights… a marvel in this category. Of course, its weight is much higher than the rest: 22 kilograms.

SMARTGYRO Speedway for € 599.99

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