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How to choose the best mixer for fall creams, consommés and soups

Now that summer is far away and some mornings it even starts to cool down, there are many of us who are already preparing for cooking creams, soups and other hot dishes. And to make a good broth, surely, we will need a blender if we do not want to buy already prepared, but make them ourselves.

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But what types of mixers are there? Which one fits the most for which dish? In general, this type of utensil greatly facilitates food mixing and grinding processes, and most models will do both without any problem.

Now, if we take into account the use and our culinary preferences, then it will be easier for us to choose between the dozens of mixers that there are and the different models. In addition to taking into account our budget.

Types of mixers

Although they all seek to fulfill the basic functions that a blender needs, each model is better adapted to a situation and a type of dishes:

1. Hand mixer.

It is a blender where there is a handle to hold it and the blades are located at the end of an elongated piece that can be removed.

This model is perfect for those who want to save as much space as possible: since the handle and blades can be separated, it is much easier to store it in drawers or clean it without having to occupy a lot in the dishwasher.

It is an ideal alternative for those who prepare many sauces or do not usually crush large amounts of vegetables or fruits.

2. Mixers and dough mixers.

Mixers are those that have a support where the rod is placed and, under it, a bowl or plate with the ingredients that we want to mix. The rods is the “portable” version of the previous one, since it does not have any support but we have to hold it with our hand. In none of these cases, they do not crush or sting.

These models are ideal for confectionery, since they facilitate and speed up the preparation of dough a lot and avoid having to spend a long time with the arm. The biggest drawback, in the case of mixers, is that they take up a lot of space and are expensive models.

3. Glass blenders.

The classic jug-shaped blenders that have blades at the bottom, as well as a lid that normally has a hole through which to introduce the ingredients.

This type of blender is the best option for preparing large quantities, especially of liquids such as shakes, smoothies, creams, etc. Its function, really, is similar to that of hand, but as it has a support we do not need to be crushing ourselves during the whole process.

What should we look at?

To choose a mixer, regardless of the type, we need to reflect on:

  • Noise. Mixers are generally very noisy utensils. If we have small children in our house or neighbors who are very sensitive to sound, it is essential to look for models that do not make a lot of noise – and to use the mixer during off-peak hours.
  • Materials and glass. Ideally, look for alternatives that are made of stainless steel, since it will endure more use. Regarding the glass, in the types that have one, it is important to take into account for how many people we cook to choose a model with a lot or a little capacity.
  • Weight / size. In the case of rod or hand mixers, we have to be honest with ourselves and think about how much strength and endurance we have. These are utensils that we will be holding and resisting for a while, so it is very useful to look for options that do not weigh us too much.
  • Regarding the glass or kneader, the weight does not matter as much as the size. If we have a small kitchen, we may have to opt either for alternatives that hardly take up space or for types such as handheld.
  • Cleaning mode. Being a tool for grinding, it is especially useful that we can put it in the dishwasher and avoid having to spend a while cleaning.

Some models

Cecotec Hand blender

By 45 euros, the Cecotec blender is a good option for those looking for power, but without resorting to large devices or prices that are around 100 euros. This model, in addition to the blades, has a head with rods and another with ice pick.

It is a team with 1500W of power and 21 speeds, in addition to a turbo function, which will more than comply with almost any food. In addition, the pack includes an 800 mL glass that, except for special occasions, will be enough for most dishes.

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Ninja Blender

By 169.99 euros, Ninja’s blender and mixer is a mechanical powerhouse with which we can prepare any dish we want. It is a glass model with a capacity of up to 1.7 liters and a brush to facilitate cleaning.

One of the great attractions of this model is that, in addition, it can heat the mixture that we are preparing, making it ideal for soups or creams for this autumn and winter. This is because, next to the blades, there is a heater to cook the dishes. Regarding the support, it has 1000W of power and 10 predetermined programs to facilitate its use.

For more details of the product.

Moulinex HM3101

By 29.99 euros, the Moulinex HM3101 is the ideal model for confectioners and lovers of desserts. It is a rod blender with 300W of power that, due to its weight of 1 kilogram and its small size, will make mixing much easier.

This option has 5 speeds and a turbo function. In addition, along with the classic dough rods, there are two others that are specific for pizza or bread doughs.

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