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How to connect the PS5 controller to a PC | Digital Trends Spanish

One of the main features that make PlayStation 5 stand out from the competition is the Dual Sensea control that not only stands out for its design and ergonomics, but also for the technological features it has, such as the tactile aspect and its vibration response, among other aspects.

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For all of the above, the control is an attractive option to be used on a computer, so here we tell you what you must do so that you can connect the PS5 control to a PCsince there are two paths.

It is worth mentioning that, despite the details mentioned about the technology that the Dual Sense, there are several features that you will not be able to enjoy on a PC. Of course, on the other hand, it has the advantage that the procedure is simple.

How to connect the PS5 controller to your PC with USB

It is probably the simplest method and the one that gives the best response, for those who are looking for a competent control, since through this method, you will not suffer (for example) with the drain of the battery nor with looking for some driver or certain controller.

The procedure is simple: just connect the controller Dual Sense to a USB-C to USB-A cable (like the one that came with our PlayStation 5) and plug the other end into your PC. If your device has a USB-C port, you can also use a regular USB-C cable.

Let us remember that, in case you want to buy a new Dual Sense to use it only on PC, consider that it will not come with its own cable, so it is worth using the one that comes with the console and taking care of it in an almost sacred way.

How to connect the PS5 controller to your PC with Bluetooth

This path may seem somewhat more cumbersome, but it is not. The Dual Sense can be connected via this pathway. The essential thing is to know if our computer has integrated Bluetooth capability or if we have a separate adapter.

To connect it, you must press the PS button and the Create button (which is in the upper left area) at the same time, in order to carry out the pairing process. On your PC, you need to navigate to the “Bluetooth & Other Devices” menu, then click on “Add Bluetooth or other device”. Subsequently, the “Bluetooth” option must be selected.

When the process is finished, the control Dual Sense will appear in the menu under the name “Wireless Control”.

It must be said that, unfortunately, not all games will recognize the PS5 control automatically or by inertia, as is the case with the Xbox joystick, as we must remember that the latter belongs to the same ecosystem of Windows products.

How to use a PS5 controller on a Steam PC

Despite the fact that the aforementioned can be seen as something negative, there are services that have found a solution to this type of inconvenience, such as Valvewhich added limited DualSense support to its platform Steam.

At the moment, the control works with some features such as movement controls, light beams and others, but other details such as adaptive triggers are missing.

To configure the Dual Sense in Steam, we must open the platform with the control connected and navigate to the “Control” menu, which is located under “Settings”. Later, we must open “General Control Settings” and find our PS5 joystick (which will surely appear as “Sony Wireless Control”). The grace is that we can configure each button to our liking.

In case the controller does not work with any game outside of Steam, there are possibilities to force compatibility. This is done through the “Games” option in the toolbar at the top of the platform, then “Add a Non-Steam Game to my Library”. Thus, what we will do is play the video game, use the PS5 control, passing the title as if we were using the Valve service interface.

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