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How to convert the wifi password into a QR code | Digital Trends Spanish

It has probably happened to you that, when your friends or family visit you, they ask you for access to your Wi-Fi to avoid using mobile data or to stream some multimedia content on a device in your home, such as a Spotify playlist. And if your Wi-Fi password is too complex, you probably had to write it down for them.

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This process can be quite cumbersome, more so because there are users who do not change the very long password that comes by default on Wi-Fi devices for a simpler one. But that can end today, as there is a way to speed everything up. we teach you to convert wifi password to QR codewhich can be scanned by your friends to connect to your network.

How to convert the wifi password into a QR code

Step 1: go to website in your desktop browser.

Step 2: enter your WiFi connections SSID, encryption type and password.

Step 3: generate the QR code.

The best thing you can do is print the QR code and stick it on your refrigerator or somewhere accessible in your home. That way, it will be much easier for your visitors to connect to your network and you won’t need to type the password yourself on each of their cell phones. This is especially useful when you have to share access with a large group of people.

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You can use other tools too, like the generator ZXing QR Codes either QR4 for the same task.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to use a website, you can use the Shortcuts app on your iPhone or iPad to generate a QR code. And, in case you use an Android phone, you can create one right from your phone’s settings.

How to convert the wifi password into a QR code from an iPhone

Step 1: download the app App Store Shortcuts.

Step 2: open the app and in the tab my shortcuts (either Library in iOS 12) press the button +, which is located at the top. This will start generating a new shortcut.

Step 3: touch the icon Setting and give the shortcut a name, for example, “Share Wi-Fi”. You can also tap the icon in this section to change it to an image that better matches the function of your shortcut.

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Step 4: at this moment you must get information about the network, you can do it with the action Get network details. As it is a Wi-Fi network, in the “Network” field you must select Wifi and in “Get” select network name.

Step 5: the next step is to provide the corresponding password. You can write it as text; To do this, you must add an action of Text and then the password.

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Step 6: To generate a QR code for a Wi-Fi network, you must create a new string that follows the following format: WIFI:T:WPA; S: ;P:;;

The “T” represents the type of authentication (WPA or WEP), the “S” the network name and the “P” the password. The order of the fields does not matter.

But since you already have the wifi network name and password from steps 4 and 5, you only need to specify them when selecting the variables network details Y request input from the options listed below.

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Step 7: once you have created the chain, you can generate the QR code with the action Generate QR code. You can also specify the option Error correction to Low, Medium, Quartile, or High, which will give you the option to adjust the ability to restore data if your code breaks.

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Step 8: add an action Quick View to preview the output. So you can see the generated QR code. Now you can run the shortcut by pressing the button play.

How to convert the wifi password into a QR code from Android

If you have a phone running Android 10 or higher, you can use the Wi-Fi Alliance’s Wi-Fi Easy Connect protocol to share passwords with QR codes.

Step 1: Open your cell phone settings and go to Wi-Fi settings.

Step 2: touch the Wi-Fi network you want to share from the list of available connections to open its dedicated page.

Step 3: on that page, you will see a button that says Share with a QR code icon, tap it to continue.

Step 4: after this, your device will require authentication to make sure that it is really you who wants to spread the password; you can use the cell phone PIN or fingerprint to authorize the request. Once the authentication is complete, you will see the QR code of your Wi-Fi network.

It is likely that some cell phones those steps vary a little. You can also find this setting in Settings > connections > [tu red Wi-Fi] > igear cone > QR code.

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