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How to create and sell your own NFTs safely | Digital Trends Spanish

The token Non-fungibles (NFTs) have become one of the greatest objects of desire for digital collectors. Although we have told you about which are the best places to exchange,you know how to create and sell your own NFTs in a safe way? Here we explain it to you!

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Why create an NFT

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Having the soul of a digital artist, wanting to ensure the intellectual property of your work or generating income with the sales of your works are three of the main reasons that exist to create an NFT.

An article is fungible when it can be exchanged for other equivalents. For example, a $ 10 bill can be exchanged for two $ 5 or 10 $ 1 bills. Instead, NFTs are unique objects, so there will only be one – or a limited number – of them.

The simplest way to understand them is to consider them as if they were trading cards, paintings, works of art or movies with the particularity that they are autographed. This is what gives it its unique and exclusive feature.

The “autograph”, “seal of authenticity” or token is contained in the blockchain (blockchain) of the platform on which it was created. In this way, although there are millions of copies on the web, only one account with the authenticity seal.

The token it also represents a property and allows tracing of objects, something like the certificate of authenticity of works of art.

But one of the most powerful aspects is that the creator of the NFT receives income every time the token change of owner, as part of the royalties that are established at the time of its preparation.

What do you need to create an NFT

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Although there are multiple alternatives to convert a digital object into a token non-expendable, and you can even mint them on your own, the simplest and most convenient way is through some of the established platforms.

The reason? They are faster for the seller and give greater visibility to objects. On the buyer’s side, they are more reliable than independent platforms, considering the many scams that exist around cryptocurrencies.

Most of the major platforms transact with ether (ETH), the cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain. In this way, if you want to start creating your own NFTs, you need to have the following elements.

How to create your NFT

Although most platforms offer the possibility of creating your own token non-expendable, we will cover the process to carry it out in OpenSea. This platform is considered the main market for NFT, but also does not charge additional fees for minting your token.

Step 1: create your collection

From your account, go to your profile icon and click the button Create, located in the upper right corner.

Step 2: upload your file

On the next page you must upload the digital file you want to convert into NFT. You must assign a name, a description and an external link of the work so that potential buyers know more about the object.

You can upload image files, videos, 3D models, music files or basically any digital content. Accepted formats include JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG, MP4, WEBM, MP3, WAV, OGG, GLB, and GLTF.

Although the maximum file size is 100 MB, the platform recommends uploading files smaller than 40 MB to speed up the upload process.

Step 3: customize your NFT

After completing those fields, you will be able to customize your NFT, such as placing it in an existing collection or adding properties, levels, statistics, or unlockable content.

In this section you can also define how many units of the object you can coin, although at the moment OpenSea only allows the creation of a single file.

Another option is that you choose in what blockchain you want to coin your NFT. Although the most recommended network is Ethereum, it is also compatible with Polygon (Matic) and Klatyn (Klay)

When you’re done, hit the Create button and you’re done. You will now be in a position to sell your NFT.

How to sell your NFT

The NFTs in Ethereum are based on open source standards and you keep them in your wallet. This way, when you coin an NFT, you are not tied to any platform, so you can create them on OpenSea and sell them on Mint or Foundation, for example.

If you want to sell it on OpenSea, you must carry out the following process:

  • From your account, select your profile picture and click Profile.
  • Select the NFT you want to sell.
  • Please select Sell in the upper right.
  • On the next page you should set a price and define the type of sale: fixed price or scheduled auction.
  • You can too set a duration (1 or 3 days or 1 week), although you can also customize it with the calendar.
  • If you want, you can reserve the item for a specific buyer. You just have to paste their email address in the field Reservation for a specific buyer.

In all the options, you will see the rates of the sale at the bottom: a service fee 2.5 percent OpenSea royalty and creator royalty (10 percent is the maximum OpenSea offers).

You should consider that if you did not mint the article in OpenSea, you need additional approval and a signature before the platform authorizes the sale of the article with your name.

Next, you must confirm your sale by signing a transaction. And that’s it. You will now be in a position to sell your first NFT.

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