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How to create stickers on WhatsApp Web | Digital Trends Spanish

One of the newest updates to WhatsApp in 2021 – the messaging service that belongs to Facebook and which is the most used in the world – was the possibility of creating stickers on WhatsApp Web (it was announced in November), although it was also enabled for the desktop version for both Mac and Windows. The good news is that you don’t need to know about design to generate them, since the process is simple.

It is not a secret that these images are quite popular with the users of the application, especially since, when used, they can add a certain degree of fun (or lightness) to a conversation.

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How to create stickers on WhatsApp Web

1. Locate your image

Once you’ve launched the application online or on the desktop, go to the conversation you want to send a custom sticker to. Click on the icon that represents a clip, the one that lets you share contacts, videos and documents, among other elements.

Among the icons, choose the one that represents a sticker or stamp, the fourth from top to bottom. For this, you must already have the image you want to transform into a sticker stored on your computer.

2. Quick edit

When the file explorer is enabled, you must locate and open the photo that you will modify.

How to create stickers on WhatsApp Web

You have the following tools in the editor that appears once you open your photo:

  • Outline (scissors icon): allows you to cut out the silhouette of the character or object that you are interested in transforming into a sticker.
  • Emoji: makes it easy to add such a representation to your creation.
  • Sticker: makes it possible to add a pre-designed sticker to the one you are going to generate.
  • Text: deploy an editor to incorporate a text to the design.
  • Paint: for those with a good pulse, various strokes can be added.
  • Crop and rotate: lets reduce the extension and rotate the sticker.
  • Undo: if you had an error, return to the last actions.
  • Redo: makes it easy to redo the last action.

3. Ready to ship!

When you have the sticker just as you had thought, what follows is to share it, for which you must click on the icon of the paper plane.

How to create stickers on WhatsApp Web

And if you wonder if it is possible to reuse your creation in other of your WhatsApp conversations from your phone, the answer is yes.

Open the app on your cell phone and locate and click on your design; in the new window select the option Add to Favorites (It will be stored in your favorite stickers gallery). What follows is that you send it to your contacts when the talk is provided.

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