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How to customize Google Chrome to change its appearance and leave it the way you like it

We are going to explain to you how to fully customize Google Chrome on your computer, so that you can adapt it to your tastes and needs. A browser is not something that has many customization options, but Chrome offers enough to be able to give it a personal touch and adapt it to your aesthetic tastes.

We are going to tell you the main customization options that you have at your disposal, and then you will be the one who has to decide if you want to use any of them to modify it. Here, it all depends on the tastes you have or what you need.

And as we always say in Xataka Basics, we invite you if you know other methods, options, or want to leave a customization recommendation for Chrome, you can leave your opinion in the comments section. In this way, the rest of the users who come to the article to learn, will also be able to use the invaluable help of the knowledge of our Xatakers.

Change the color of Chrome

The first thing you can do to customize Chrome is to change its color, an alternative to have flat colors instead of sticking with a theme adding drawings or illustrations. To make this change, you have to open a new tab and stay in the new tab window. In this window, click on the button Personalizar Chrome that you have in the bottom right corner.


You will enter the customization tab, where you have to go to the section of Color and theme. In this section you will be able to choose the color combination you want. The window says that it is only for this page, the new tab, but the color scheme you choose will be applied to the entire browser. They are always one color with two shades, as if they were two colors that are combined in the browser. You can click on several to see the changes.


And if none of these colors convince you, you can click on the option Custom color. This will open an RGB color palette, in which you can choose the exact color you want either by handwriting the RGB values ​​or by clicking on the palette to select a color.

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Put a wallpaper

Personalizar Chrome

You will also be able add a wallpaper to chrome, although in this case, this background will only be seen on the new tab screen. To do it, again you have to open a new tab and click on the button Personalizar Chrome that you have in the bottom right corner.


You will enter the customization tab, where you have to go to the section of Bottom. In the window you go to, you can choose to upload a photo or choose one of the default images to be able to choose wallpaper.

Different Backgrounds

If you choose one of the images that Chrome proposes, you will see that they are not just images, but thematic image collections. Entering them, you can choose the one you like the most, and you will have the option of Update every day so that each day a different image from the chosen collection is used.

Choose what to see on the new tab page


And to finish with the new tab page, when you click on the button Customize Chrome for it, you will see that in the pop-up window there is a section called Shortcuts. In this section, you will be able to choose if you want the shortcuts to be the ones you choose manually, or if you prefer to show those of the pages you visit the most.

If these shortcuts bother you, you can activate the option Hide shortcuts. If you do, then there will no longer be links within the new tab page, it will be a blank page with the design you have chosen, and the Google search bar. You can change these changes whenever you want.

Edit Access

And if you leave the shortcuts active, you will be able to change them by hand. If you choose to be the pages that you visit the most, the only option is to delete the one you do not want to appear by clicking on the X that appears when you move the mouse over it. Your site will be ranked next on the most visited list. And if you choose the accesses manually, in addition to deleting them, you will also have a button to add new ones, and you can drag them to put them in the order you want.

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Choose a custom theme for Chrome


The spot colors and wallpapers that you can choose from in the new tab page settings may not be enough for you. Maybe you want Chrome to look a lot more unique. In this case, you can turn to the always useful browser themes. To do this, click on the three-dot button at the top right, and click on the option Setting to enter Chrome settings.


Inside the Chrome settings, in the left column choose the section of Appearance. Once you are inside it click on the option Theme from the screen it will take you to. This will open a new tab.

Themes screen

In the new tab that opens you will enter the Chrome web store, the browser extensions and add-ons store. You will go directly to the topic section, where you will have different sections in which explore and search for a topic that you like among dozens of them, with different types of colors and decorations. You can even use the plugin store finder to find themes.

Add Topic

Themes are installed as if they were extensions. Click on one that catches your attention in the list, and you will go to a page with its description and a preview so you can see how it will look. If it convinces you, click on the button Add to Chrome, and the theme will be installed and activated.

You can have vertical tabs


And since we mentioned extensions, they can help you get new features for your browser. One of them is be able to put tabs on a vertical bar as you can do in Microsoft Edge instead of in the horizontal bar below the search bar.

If you want to try these lashes, you can do it with extensions like Vertical Tabs, Vertabs, Vertical Tabs The Vertical Tabs for Google Chrome. As you can see, they all have similar names, even two are the same, but they are four different extensions with which you can try modifying Chrome to have vertical tabs like Edge’s.

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Organize your bookmarks


We go with one thing now that does not affect the design of Chrome, but that we will remember anyway. When you enter a web page, to the right of the taskbar you will have a star icon. With this icon you can bookmark a page. When you do, a window will open in which you can configure the shortcut that you are going to create to the web.

In this window, you will be able to name the bookmark, and choose the folder where you want to save it. It can be in the bookmarks bar, which is the one that appears below the address bar, or choose another folder. The best thing is that you organize your favorites well in different thematic folders to have everything well organized.

Decide whether the bookmarks bar is displayed or not

Show Bookmarks

The bookmarks bar appears below the search bar of the browser, and in it you can add bookmarks so that they are always at hand without having to open menus or anything like that. But it may be that this bar takes up too much space for you, and that you prefer Chrome to be lighter and not have it. If you right click on it, you can disable option show bookmark bar. The bar will disappear, and also all the markers that you had in it.

If you later regret it and want to recover the bookmarks, you can do so by entering the Chrome settings, and inside by going to the section of Appearance. There, you can re-enable the option show bookmark bar or deactivate it also from this site.

Manage your extensions


To the right of the address bar you will see the icon of a puzzle piece. If you click on it, the extensions you have installed will be displayed. Each extension has a pushpin icon. If you activate the pushpin the extension will be seen outside the extensions menu, directly next to the address bar. Extensions that do not have a thumbtack will be seen in the menu that appears when you click on the puzzle piece button.

Manage Extensions

To the right of each extension in the list you also have a button with three dots. When you open it, you will find options to manage the permissions of the extensions or uninstall them directly. In this general menu of extensions you will also have the option to Manage extensions, which will open a screen where you can see all the ones you have installed to manage them.

Abrir Chrome Web Store

On this page of extensions, in the left column at the bottom, you have the direct access to open the Chrome web store, the Chrome extension store. There you can find new extensions to modify many things in the browser or give it new functions.

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Other Google Chrome customizations

Show Button

There are a few other things you can change in the look of Google Chrome. To see them, you have to go back to the browser’s appearance settings. Here, for example, you can activate or deactivate the option of Show home page button. By doing this, you will decide if you want the icon of a house to appear on the left of the address bar, and take you to a home page that is the new tab.

But you may not want this button to take you to the new tab page. Therefore, if you have it activated, below you can choose to go to the new tab page or manually write a page you want to be taken to, which can be from the index of your search engine to any other you want.


Under these options, you can also customize your browser fonts. In the menu itself you can manually choose the size, but if you choose the option to customize them, you can also determine the size of the letters, as well as the font that the browser will use in different situations.


Finally, you can also configure the zoom to artificially enlarge the size of the elements of the web pages so that they appear larger or smaller. In addition to here in the settings, you can also change this manually by holding down the key. Control on the keyboard while using the mouse wheel up or down.