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How to delete an account from Windows 11 | Digital Trends Spanish

For the login of the new version of the operating system that Microsoft is about to release, it will be mandatory to be a registered user of the company. If you don’t like the idea and want to continue logging in locally, here we will explain how to delete one windows 11 account.

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Being a registered Microsoft user is one of the best ways to use most of the company’s platforms. Among many other functions, it allows you to synchronize your settings on all your devices, download your own applications from your store, a secure login and much more.

However, for those coming from Windows 10 and earlier, where you had the option to use a local account and didn’t need such logins, things can seem complicated.

Delete a Windows 11 account in a new configuration

First, we’ll start with one of the most common scenarios you might face: deleting a Microsoft account after the clean install process or, if you’re setting up a new computer that you just bought.

This could be a problem in Windows 10 Home, as we hinted at the top of our introduction. The easiest way to get around this limit is to set up Windows with a Microsoft account and then add a “local” offline account instead.

Basically, you can create a free disposable Microsoft account (not linked to your real name or credit card) and then log in with it during the Windows 11 setup process.

When you finish setup, please don’t download any apps or transfer any files. Just jump straight to our steps below to permanently delete the account you just added instead of a new “local” that is not linked to a Microsoft ID.

Step 1: go to Setting Windows 11 by pressing the keys at the same time Windows + I on the keyboard.

Step 2: click on the section Accounts in the sidebar.

Step 3: click Family and other users.

Step 4: in the option Other users, click the plus sign (+) Add another person to this team.

Step 5: a Microsoft configuration window will immediately open requesting an email account, choose at the bottom I do not have the login information for this person, marked in blue.

Step 6: another configuration window will open very similar to the previous one with three options at the bottom, select Add a user without a Microsoft account.

Step 7: in the next window, it will give you the option to add an account with the name and password you prefer.

Step 8: once you have selected your name and password, you will be returned to the option Family and other users, locate the user you just created, select it and change the account type to Administrator with the button Change account type.

Once you’ve done these steps, sign out of the account on your computer that has the Microsoft account. Log into your new local account. Follow steps 1-3 again, and then choose the old Microsoft account under other users and click the button Remove. This will remove that Microsoft account from your computer, leaving you only a local account.

Convert a Microsoft account to a local account

Delete a Microsoft account in Windows 11

If you’re already using a Windows 11 computer with a Microsoft account, you can manually remove it and use a local account instead. Here’s how to do this. With this method, you don’t lose any files or your personal information.

Step 1: go to Setting Windows 11 by pressing the keys at the same time Windows + I on the keyboard.

Step 2: click on the section Accounts in the sidebar.

Step 3: click Your information and choose Log in with a local account.

Step 4: click Next and enter your password to confirm.

Step 5– Follow the steps on the screen and enter your information.

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