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How to delete Spotify account including Premium version | Digital Trends Spanish

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services out there, but if you’ve decided to leave it for Amazon Music or Apple Music, or if you just don’t want to use it anymore due to its common problems, we’ll tell you what you have to do to remove spotify account. Also, if you are paying for the Premium version, then you will have to cancel that option first.

Keep in mind that once you cancel and delete your account, there is no going back. You will lose all your playlists and you will not be able to sign in with the same username if you decide to return to the service.

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Since the mobile versions of the app don’t have the opt-out feature, you’ll need to do this on a PC or Mac or through your phone’s web browser.

Cancel Spotify Premium first

If you have Premium membership and are paying for it, you will need to first cancel that subscription as part of deleting your Spotify account.

Step 1: visit the account settings page of Spotify and look for the available plans in the side menu of the screen. Click on it and scroll down to the Spotify Free section.

Step 2: after that click Cancel Premium followed by Continue. You’ll be prompted once again, and you’ll need to click Continue to confirm the cancellation.

Spotify will finally allow you to cancel and you can click the button yes, cancel to finalize the deal. Please note that the charge will remain active until the next billing date.

If you don’t see an option to change your plan, and you purchased through a partner company, look for the contact link on your account page in the payments section.

Finally, if you pay through iTunes, you can cancel by following the apple instructions. To do this, use the subscription settings on an iPhone, iPad, or other iOS device to change your billing information.

Delete your Spotify account with the support bot

How to delete Spotify account with the bot

Once you have canceled Spotify Premium, you can officially delete your Spotify account. Again, to do so, visit the support page.

Due to the high volume of cancellations, on this page you may be asked to send an email to the customer service team. Ignore it and click the send message button. A support bot will appear at the bottom of the screen to help you.

Step 1: In the support bot box, type “close my account”. Once done, click on the option Continue that the bot presents you.

Step 2: Next, click the link to close the account sent to you by the bot. Answer why you want to cancel, and then confirm that you can indeed access the email you have on file. Lastly, choose I understand and another email will be sent to you with a request to complete the closing process.

Step 3: find the email from Spotify and click the link Close my account. Doing so will permanently close your account. The link is valid for 24 hours, otherwise you will have to repeat the process.

Note that you will also have a grace period of seven days. If you want to reactivate your Spotify, a link will be sent to you in a separate email once you’ve finished canceling.

If you’re wondering how long it will take for Spotify to delete your account, remember that it’s instant as soon as you click the link. Therefore, you can always delete it and create a new one.

Delete your Spotify account manually

Spotify cancellation confirmation page.

If you’ve recently created your account and haven’t been a Spotify subscriber for a long time, chances are you won’t be contacted by a support bot for the cancellation process.

Instead, you will be taken directly to the account cancellation page. You’ll need to cancel your Spotify Premium first, but once you’ve done that, you can follow the steps below.

Step 1: On the Spotify account closure page, click the button Close account. It will be a five-step process. To get started, confirm your information and select Continue.

Step 2: then check the box I understand. This warns you that you will lose all your music, podcasts, playlists, followers, and username. An email will be sent to your address associated with Spotify.

Step 3: Check your email to see if there is any from Spotify, if yes, click the link Close my account for final action. You will receive another confirmation email, which contains a link, in case you want to reopen your account and you can do so within seven days.

Once your Spotify account is cancelled, you may want to take a look at some of the other top music streaming services like Apple Music and Amazon Music.

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