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How to download Netflix movies in a few steps | Digital Trends Spanish

Oh no, you are going to take a long trip and you will not have an internet connection! What can you do to entertain yourself all that time? Look through the window? Maybe you could catch up on your favorite Netflix series, sure. In case you didn’t know, Netflix allows you to download a lot of content to enjoy offline; the process is not complicated and we will explain it to you here. Learn how to download Netflix movies (and series, of course).

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The following instructions should work for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 devices.

Note: Although Windows PC users can download chapters to watch without a Wi-Fi connection, they must use the Netflix app from the Windows Store to do so.

Perform the download

Step 1: keep up to date

The first is the first. You will need to make sure that your Netflix application has been updated. If you don’t have your device set up for automatic update, on iOS devices you can simply click on the app in the app store to get version 9.0.1 or later, while on Android devices you can do the same from Google Play Store, where the version varies by device.

In Windows 10, you can select Store on the taskbar or in the start menu and then click on the user icon and select Downloads or Updates. Then you select Search for updates and your Netflix app will be updated.

Step 2: choose your download quality

Netflix offers two different quality levels for downloads: “Standard” and “Higher”, the latter option being high definition (720-1080p resolution), although Netflix does not specify it.

The Standard version will use less space on your device and download faster, while the Higher option will take up a bit more space.

The option you choose will depend on how much free space you have and what type of device you are using. Standard mode may look good on your new phone, and higher resolution may be preferable for your laptop or tablet.

To choose one or the other you will have to select the menu icon on the left and then scroll to Settings.

From here on downloads you click on Video quality or Quality.

Step 3: select the content we want to download

How to download from Netflix: Available for Download

Not everything on Netflix is ​​available for download, but the company has made downloadable titles easy to find by organizing them in a special section simply called “Available for Download.”

This section can be found among the other options, as a submenu when you select TV shows or Films. On Windows 10 devices, this will be the penultimate option below the Home section. If you are using the Netflix app for iOS or Android, under the Downloads tab you can select Find More to Download or Find Something to Downloadrespectively to see the available titles.

If you are looking for a specific title, you can download it from the icon Download, which is a downward arrow with a horizontal line below it.

Step 4: start the download

How to download from Netflix: Start Downloading

To start downloading content, you simply have to select the download icon in the program or movie you want to watch. There is one thing that Android users will have to be aware of: Netflix only allows you to download titles in the same storage space that the application is stored in, so if you want to download to a SD card of a cell phone, you will have an option to choose it as your default download location in the menu of the App Settings.

Step 5: enjoy downloaded titles

How to download from Netflix: watch your downloaded titles

Once the titles have been downloaded, they are stored in the section My Downloads, found by selecting the menu button in the upper left corner of the application, or selecting the menu downloads for mobile devices.

The running time of a title as well as the amount of space it uses is displayed next to the title. To play a downloaded episode, you will simply have to click or tap on the video thumbnail.

How much space do you need?

The storage space that a download occupies will depend on the duration of the title and the resolution in which it was downloaded. So that you can get an idea of ​​the numbers, we downloaded the first episode of Stranger things Y The Ritual in standard and high quality.

The Ritual It has a duration of 94 minutes. The standard version used 542 MB of space, while the high resolution variant took up 1.8 GB. The first episode of Stranger Things, meanwhile, it lasts 48 minutes and consumes 197.1MB of space in standard quality and 310.1MB in high quality.

It is always a good idea to see how much space you have available on your device before choosing between Standard or Higher quality.

What downloads are available on Netflix?

Not all shows and movies that make up the Netflix library are available for download. This is because the networks that own them have requested to be removed from the list. However, there is one that offered all its content: Netflix itself. All the originals of the giant streaming can be downloaded, including Bridgerton, I Care a Lot, The Dig, Stranger Things, The Crew, The Witcher, Cobra Kai, Lucifer, Y The Umbrella Academy.

Other original, but not Netflix, shows that are also available are Criminal Minds, Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad, The Good Place, Jane the Virgin, Y Schitt’s Creek. Downloadable Movies Include Uncut Gems, Goodfellas, Ocean’s Eleven, The White Tiger, Angel Has Fallen, The Croods, Y The Hateful Eight.

However, there are some restrictions on how many times you can download some titles and how long you have to watch them. For example, you cannot download the same episode from Bridgerton more than three times in the same billing cycle. You will also need to view the chapter during the same month that you downloaded it, before it expires to view it offline.

But that’s a generous example. Occasionally, you will come across a movie or show that you can only download once, under the license agreement between Netflix and the network that it owns. Such titles also tend to expire after a week if you don’t pay attention to them, and they tend to disappear 48 hours after you first view them.

How can I remove titles?

If you’ve already seen the downloaded titles or just want to accommodate other things, especially considering that you can only have 100 titles to download at the same time. There are two ways to delete downloaded content, depending on how much you want to delete.

Step 1: delete a single title

If you only want to delete one title at a time, you can do it from the section My Downloads. For Android and iOS apps, just touch the pen icon, which will give you the option to select the title (s) you want to delete. In Windows 10, for example, just open the title, click the download button, and select Clear Download. You can also click the pencil icon to edit. and select the files to delete.

How to download from Netflix: deleting a single title

Step 2: delete all downloaded titles

You can also remove everything from the section My Downloads, but if what you are looking for is to erase everything at once there is an easier way. Select the menu icon in the upper left, then scroll to Setting of the application. From here, you choose Delete All Downloads.

How to download from Netflix: delete all titles

Having a library of downloaded movies and shows on your device the next time you are on the road and without Wi-Fi, will make the trip more pleasant.

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