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How to engage with Gen Z employees | Digital Trends Spanish

Since their emergence in the workforce, Generation Z has played an important role as a group of high-end people. According to statisticsGen Z already makes up 24 percent of the global workforce and that number is expected to rise to 27 percent by 2025.

With a knack for innovation, this group expects more from their jobs than people in previous generations. However, the difference in mindset between Generation Z and their predecessors can cause conflict in an organization, so understanding the thought patterns of these young people and how to manage them in the workplace is critical to organizational success.

What is Generation Z?

According to Pew Research Center, Generation Z comprises people born between 1997 and 2012.

This group was born in a world of maximum technological innovation, in which information was immediately accessible and social networks became omnipresent. That is why they usually spend a lot of time surfing the internet.

Generation Z also refuse to conform to unfavorable norms and are setting better standards for themselves. In addition, they are more aware of the importance of mental health and social issues such as sexual and racial diversity, etc.

And when it comes to work, these young people thrive best in an innovative and liberal work environment where they can be themselves and challenge the status quo. That’s why companies must understand how to recruit and manage this generation; otherwise, they will not hesitate to go to a better place. Here are some tips for engaging with Gen Z employees.

Use virtual communication tools

Generation Z was born at a time when the internet and smartphones were all the rage, so they grew up using social media, text messaging, and email as their normal means of communication. The Internet also gave them many channels to learn, such as YouTube.

As a result of this, most of them prefer to send and receive text messages to have a face-to-face conversation. So ideally, don’t drag them into a physical meeting unless you have to. You can use apps like Zoom, Google Meets, or Microsoft Teams to hold virtual meetings or exchange messages. Implement more virtual communication channels to keep up the Gen Z energy.

Embrace the use of new technologies

Marvin Meyer/Unsplash

This generation has little or no knowledge of life before the internet, social media, and smart devices; in fact, they spend most of their time on them. And they feel more comfortable when the organizations they work with make use of these tools to work. Be sure to meet the technology needs of this generation to improve work efficiency and productivity.

Instead of storing paper documents on multiple shelves, you can create electronic copies of documents. There are tons of workflow tools you can use for this purpose, like Adobe Scan, which allows you to convert your old paper documents into PDF files and store them in Google Drive.

Cultivate a positive company culture

Like their predecessors, the Millennials, most Gen Z employees look for companies with a positive company culture. This group likes to feel respected, valued and also enjoy their work, which results in an increase in their level of productivity.

That’s why it’s important to take the time to engage with them, ask for feedback, and adjust the company culture. Also, it’s a good idea to reward or recognize them when they go the extra mile. That will motivate them to work even harder.

Promotes diversity and inclusion

Tima Miroshnichenko/Pexels

Most Gen Z employees are open-minded. Indeed, for those in America, the backdrop to his early years included the country’s first African-American president and the legalization of gay marriage. Gen Z prefer to work in an environment with diverse cultural, racial, sexual, and educational backgrounds and orientations.

This generation also grew up in a time of a lot of misinformation, rogue leaders, and constant negativity in the media and on social media, so they can be skeptical. Being inside an organization, they like to feel included and to be aware of what is happening with the company. The more transparency there is, the better the work experience for them.

Prioritize mental health

Gen Z have a tendency to feel stressed more often than previous generations. And it is that, with so much information at their disposal, they understand the implications of stress and avoid situations that put them in that state.

What stresses them out revolves around job security, work, and money, mostly. And if issues aren’t addressed promptly, your mental health and productivity can suffer.

Pay close attention to the mood of these employees at work and encourage them to talk about how they feel. It is also useful to offer psychological advice to reduce stress in the workplace. This show of affection and concern will make them feel better, on the one hand, and make them more willing to defend the organization’s goals, on the other.

Promotes freedom of expression

Callum Shaw/Unsplash

Young employees always want to make an impact wherever they are, so allowing them to speak up and listen to them helps motivate them. On the other hand, the world advances with technology, and they are the ones who know the most about it. Take advantage of their technological knowledge so that they are productive and also feel heard.

Most organizations only allow older generations to speak during meetings, but if you want to get the best out of your Gen Z employees, allow them to express themselves.

Strike a balance between work and personal life

Gen Z employees are more inclined to stay in jobs that provide a healthy work-life balance. While they need to get their chores done, give them space for breaks when needed.

Work is no longer restricted to the four walls of an office, and this has been demonstrated by the pandemic, which has caused many employees to work from home. If work allows, you can let Gen Z work remotely, as their productivity is more important than their presence in the office. Not adopting a work-life balance can lead to reduced productivity and burnout.

Promotes development and growth

Darlene Alderson/Pexels

The desire for development and growth is not unique to Generation Z. They all want to work at a company that teaches them new skills and allows them to reach their full potential. Like other generations, Gen Z employees see this as a form of long-term job insurance policy.

For that reason, it is important to create growth, exposure, and learning opportunities for employees. This shows that the company and its leaders take into account the interests of their team and, in turn, makes them more loyal to the organization.

Offers career advancement opportunities

Unlike their generational predecessors, Gen Z likes steady jobs, which is an advantage if you want to run a company for the long term. Also, these young people are entering the workforce at a rapid rate, so you can get great benefits from them. Therefore, you must ensure that your company has opportunities for professional advancement.

Gen Z prefer to work with organizations that have an “internal promotion” policy. so you can create a learning and development program that is used to access them and their skills. By giving them this sense of responsibility, they will always do their best to get promoted.

Let them work independently

Vlada Karpovich/Pexels

Gen Z employees do well when given a job they can start and finish on their own, and even when it’s obvious they need guidance, they don’t want someone on top of them guiding them every step of the way. Confidence in your ability to work independently increases your self-confidence at work.

To help them learn new skills instead of teaching them yourself, you can use online course platforms like udemy Y coursera. This allows them to broaden their perspectives and allow them to stand out.

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