Monday, July 26

How to feel satisfied with our physical appearance thanks to science

Magic Outfit, this is the name of the project of the professor and researcher at the Carlos III University of Madrid Ana Tajadura-Jiménez. Through wearable technology, it aims to address certain health conditions that have to do with negative perceptions of our body.

In her multidisciplinary research, Ana brings together different fields. On the one hand, cognitive neuroscience, on the other, the person-computer interaction and finally, the computing part in which it works with sensory and movement signals.

As it does? Through the experiences of transformation of the body. The human being has a perception of his body that, at times, does not agree with reality. That perception has to do with the sensory signals of our brain. The technology used by Ana and her team manipulates these sensory signals in order to improve those negative perceptions of our body and therefore improve our health.

The 80% of people have some aspect of their body that they are dissatisfied with, the objective of this project is for all of them to feel better about their physical appearance and be happier.

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