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How to free up storage space on WhatsApp | Digital Trends Spanish

Do your WhatsApp contacts usually send you memes and videos? Then, it is possible that without realizing it the multimedia files are occupying an important part of the capacity of your mobile device. If you know how to free up storage space on WhatsApp, you can verify it on your own.

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If the capacity of your device reaches very low levels, it is possible that the messaging application does not work correctly, so sometimes even WhatsApp itself may ask you to free up storage. However, if you do not want to reach that scenario, we will explain how to verify the space that WhatsApp and multimedia files occupy on your device.

How to check storage in WhatsApp

If you need to check how much space WhatsApp, the multimedia elements and even each of the chats occupy, you must perform the following steps:

  • Open the WhatsApp application.
  • Check the tab Chats
  • Choose More options, represented by three vertical points, and then
  • Choose Storage and data> Manage Storage.

At the top of the screen, the amount of space they occupy in WhatsApp multimedia files will be identified in green, while in yellow what applications and other elements use.

In addition, items that have been forwarded many times, items that weigh more than 5 MB, and the usage of each of the conversations will be categorized.

How to free up storage space on WhatsApp

Check storage in WhatsApp

Once you have verified the elements, you can delete them by block or individually, which will allow you to free up space from the storage that WhatsApp occupies on your computer.

To do so, from the option Manage storage, follow the next steps:

  • Choose Forwarded many times, Over 5 MB or select a particular chat. From each of these options, you can sort the files to view them by date of receipt or size.
  • You can delete files individually, by marking the file and pressing the trash can icon.
  • Another option is to delete them en bloc. To do this, mark a file, then Select all and the trash can icon. Confirm if you want to remove the featured items and all their copies of the file (to get rid of duplicate files).
  • Press Remove to confirm the deletion.

When you select a file you can see which chat the element belongs to and when it was sent, marking the icon the three vertical dots and the option Show in chat. If you wish, you can highlight it with the star icon, which will help you protect it.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you choose to delete an item individually, it will only be deleted from your WhatsApp media files, but it may still be stored on your computer.

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