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How to get tickets to see Coldplay in Barcelona

Tickets to see Coldplay on their Music Of The Spheres World Tour in Spain in 2023 are officially put on sale on August 25, 2022 but this Wednesday, a day before, a presale has opened on Live Nation only for registered users . As reported by the promoters, due to the wide demand for pre-sale, which had already been deactivated in the afternoon, a new date has been incorporated, so there will be three concerts offered in Barcelona, ​​the only city through which it will pass the tour of the British in Spain.

The final surprise when paying for a concert ticket: “It’s not a management fee, it’s a commission”

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Therefore, in addition to May 24 and 25, 2023, a new date is also opened for the night of Saturday May 27, also at the Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys.

Tickets for May 27, as well as any leftovers—if any—during the pre-sale on May 24 and 25, go on sale Thursday, August 25 at 10:00 a.m.

What are the selling points?

There are only two official points of sale: Y

What types of tickets are there?

There are ten different types of tickets, with different prices, greater or lesser distance from the stage and extras. From lowest to highest price, these are the types of tickets:

PL5: 50 euros + 6.50 expenses

PL4: 75 euros + 10 expenses

PL3 TRACK: 95 euros + 12.50 expenses

PL3: 95 euros + 12.50 expenses

PL2: 125 euros + 16.50 expenses

PL1: 150 euros + 20 expenses

Biutyful Hot Ticket: 205 euros + 27.50 expenses

Coloratura Hot Ticket: 300 euros + 40 expenses

Higher Power Early Entry: 225 euros + 30 expenses

My Universe Lounge: 485 euros + 64.50 expenses

What ticket do you have to buy to see Coldplay as close as possible?

A “High Power” ticket for 255 euros. It is a general track ticket but with access before the rest of the public to be able to stand closer to the stage and also includes an “official Coldplay bracelet eco friendly”, a “sustainable gift from Coldplay specially designed for the occasion” and that you take care staff VIP when entering through an exclusive door different from the rest of the public.

What do you get for a ticket that costs 549.50 euros?

It is a ticket in a numbered “first category” seat. Includes access to a pre-concert party with catering and open bar drinks. The same bracelet and gift as the rest of the VIP tickets and, in addition, the opportunity to purchase merchandise before the concert and posing in the “Photocall My Universe”.

What is the ‘normal’ entrance to see Coldplay standing up, from the track?

The PL5, which is priced at 107.5. So the tickets that run out faster.