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How to have a Christmas tree without killing a fir or buying a synthetic one

If we intend to live a more sustainable Christmas, we should probably start with the tree. Our goal: to have a spectacular Christmas tree, suitable for all types of spaces, including the smallest apartments or flats. And, above all, without having to kill a fir tree or buy a plastic one.

Christmas tree: natural or plastic, which is more ecological?

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1. Transform a coat rack into a Christmas tree

If we don’t mind skipping the conventions, here is a simple and cool idea to have a Christmas tree with what we already have at home: transform a standing coat rack. If we decorate it with garlands, we add some balls, some stars and some lights, we already have it.

Now, if you live with cats, so much decoration will also be very attractive, and dangerous, for our friends: and it is convenient to keep the cat away (with love and fun alternatives) from the Christmas tree.

2. Wall-mounted Christmas tree, for small spaces

There is no need to kill a fir tree. In addition, if we live in a small space, placing such a hulk in the living room can be, at the very least, an odyssey. The good news: we can solve the dilemma, without giving up the natural touch.

For this, some fallen branches or the pruning of a conifer type tree; not only fir trees, but also some branches that someone plans to cut for the maintenance of a pine or a cypress are worth. And decorate them with dried pinecones or more traditional Christmas decorations. The possibilities are endless!

We also need a bit of rope, to join the branches and create a fir shape. Or simply, hang them on the wall. When the holidays are over, we can put it all in the compost heap, and in a few months, have compost for our plants.

3. Christmas tree only with lights. So easy!

Another life-saving option for small spaces, and without the need to commit plant crimes: create the shape of a fir tree on the wall using only the luminous garlands. The idea is so simple that it doesn’t need much more explanation; but, also, very attractive. In addition, it does not steal space, and it respects the wishes for brightness and lights that many of us long for on these dates.

4. Draw the tree with paper tape. Sparkly!

At this point, it seems that there is little that the paper tape will resist; one of the queens of simple but beautiful crafts. And we could not miss it here, because the paper tape allows us to create a wall-mounted Christmas tree, which, in addition, does not leave a stain.

We only need to create the silhouette of the tree on the wall with the paper masking tape; and, if we want, decorate it with some garlands that, of course, we can also stick to the wall with other pieces of tape. Simple, and cool.

5. Plywood tree and chalkboard paint

If we want to take advantage of a more or less large piece of plywood that we have at home, this may be a perfect opportunity. The wood serves as a canvas or support to paint on it the silhouette of a fir tree with paint. But the idea goes up a notch if we use chalkboard paint: we only need to draw the triangular silhouette of the fir tree, fill it with chalkboard paint and let it dry.

When it is dry, we can decorate our tree with colored chalk: paint on it balls, stars and everything we want. And place everything, as is, on the floor of the living room, leaning against the wall.

6. Christmas tree with pompoms or balls

When looking for a more colorful option, we can turn to the pompons and, why not, the classic Christmas balls. This idea consists of creating a wall fir by gluing different colored pompoms or balls to the wall, forming the triangle, with the help of a double-sided adhesive tape.

If we combine pompoms of different colors, the possibilities are endless, and suitable for all tastes. Again, it is an idea that hardly takes up space, since this Christmas tree is also wall-mounted and, therefore, suitable for small living rooms and small urban spaces.

7. Fabric Christmas tree

Or we can make a hanging Christmas tree with a wall tapestry: a cloth background and, on this, the green silhouette (or the color of your choice) of the fir tree, also made of cloth; all this, hung with a rope and a wooden stick to the wall. It takes a little more effort, but the result can be well worth it.

It is also a project that we can reuse year after year; And when the holidays pass, it allows us to keep it rolled up, taking up little space in the closet.

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