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How to increase the storage of the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X | Digital Trends Spanish

The next-generation Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles feature ultra-fast solid-state drives that make games load faster. As gamers, we appreciate that feature infinitely, but there is a detail: the storage of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S runs out, and it does it quickly, so sooner or later you are going to have to increase it, but how do you do it? Don’t worry, in this guide we will explain how to increase the storage of Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X.

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Don’t worry, our guide includes methods beyond spending a few hundred dollars on the official Seagate card for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, although yes, it goes without saying that this is still the most appropriate method, as it is a simple option. which is limited to connecting it to your console, and which also guarantees a performance and load times very similar to those of the SSD of your Xbox Series X or Series S.

Xbox Series S expansion card: the best solution?

Both the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S have a special slot on the back of the console (where you connect the power supply and the HDMI cable) into which you can connect the official expansion card from Microsoft and Seagate.

This drive comes with 1TB of NVMe SSD specification storage, the data transfer rate of which is very similar to the internal SSD on both console models.

The advantage of this expansion card is that it integrates with the internal architecture of the Xbox Series S and X, called Velocity. This means that games that have been optimized for both consoles can be run directly from the expansion card, without any performance degradation and with very similar load times.

On the other hand, it must be considered that, although this official solution is the best alternative in terms of performance, it is also the most expensive: the price of the expansion card is $ 219 dollars. The reasons have to do with SSD technology, which is still more expensive than traditional hard drives, and that Microsoft integrated an interesting solution to match the speed with the internal SSD of the Xbox Series X / S.

Storage via USB 3.1

Seagate Halo Master Chief LE Game Drive for Xbox 2TB

As with the Xbox One, more traditional and cheaper storage units can be attached to the Xbox Series X and S. Both consoles have USB type A ports that, among other things, serve to expand the internal memory with external hard drives, external SSD drives or even type drives. flash drives that have USB 3.1.

It is important to consider what can and cannot be done using USB storage, using the following table:

Official SSD expansion card USB 3.1 external storage
Xbox Series X and S games
Store and run Just store
Xbox One games optimized for Series X and S Store and run Just store
Xbox One games not optimized Store and run Store and run
Xbox 360 and original Xbox games Store and run Store and run

One of the benefits of connecting an external USB drive or disk to the Xbox Series X or S is that all games can be stored on the drive, whether they are optimized for the next generation or those from previous generations. . Therefore, it will not be necessary to be deleting games from the console and download them again when they want to play again, but it will be enough to just move them from one unit to another in a few minutes, depending on the size of the particular game.

And the rest of the games? Both the Xbox One and the old Xbox 360 and original Xbox can be stored and run directly from external drives, which is a great alternative for those with a large digital library or those who make the most of Game Pass.

External hard drives

Xbox Series S

External hard drives are the most cost effective solution. A 1TB drive like the ones in Seagate have prices starting at $ 48, while one of Toshiba 4 TB It costs about $ 90 dollars.

These types of units, although they use mechanical technology, are a good and convenient alternative either to run older games or to store newer ones without having to erase them once we don’t want to play them anymore. And it’s the most pocket-friendly, considering that 4TB drives can be found for less than $ 100 and are large enough to forget about having to buy another in the medium or even long term.

Portable SSD memories

Xbox Series S external memory

Portable SSDs serve the same function as traditional external drives, but the difference is in the solid-state technology that makes them much faster. Likewise, it is a somewhat more expensive option with prices ranging from $ 80 dollars of the Samsung T7 500GB, until the 1TB My Passport from Western Digital that costs $ 139.

Although these SSD drives are faster in terms of reading and writing (allowing you to move files from one place to another in less time), the functionalities they offer are the same as external hard drives: you can only run the games of Xbox One backwards, while those optimized for Series X and S can only be stored.

Among the SSD technology there is also the option of an internal memory type SATA III, which can be connected to the console through a USB box. A 1TB SATA III SSD like the one TEAMGROUP GX2 costs $ 80, while the Western Digital Blue 3D 500 GB costs $ 54 dollars, to which must be added the price of the chest that can start at $ 7 dollars like the model of ORICO.

Finally, there is also the option of connecting a portable USB type pendrive (or USB memory), as long as it complies with the USB 3.1 specification and has at least 128 GB of space available.

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