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How to invest in pesos in Tesla and other giants and earn in dollars

The issue of dividends also weighs when choosing the company. They are charged in dollars each time you pay abroad in the proportion that corresponds according to the Cedears that are held in the portfolio. What’s more, being tied to the CCL, it is a good safeguard against jumps in the exchange rate.

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Each Cedear has a “conversion ratio”: that is, an equivalence between local papers and foreign action. For example, at Apple it is 10 to 1; that is, you have to have 10 local Apple if you want to turn it into an American share. On Amazon it’s 72 to 1, on Microsoft 5 to 1.

Until mid-2020 trading with Wall Street giants from Argentina was not for everyone. However, Bolsas y Mercados Argentinos (BYMA) established that “Cedear’s minimum trading unit will be equivalent to V $ N 1 (nominal value one)”. That is, investors can enter from lower amounts and operate with multiples of 1. In short, it is no longer necessary to buy a complete share of the companies, but a fraction can be acquired.

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How to invest in Cedear

To invest in a Cedear it is necessary have an active client account that allows operating in the capital market. It is possible to attach one to the one we already have in a bank or create a new one through a stock company, as long as it is officially listed on the market.

For Christian Reos, Research Manager at Allaria Ledesma, he considers that using the Cedear allows “exposure to regions that are totally different from what the Argentine economy is” and highlights that “in this way a small investor can invest and diversify his portfolio like a big one would do it ”. “The attractiveness of Cedear is that one with pesos can invest in world-class companies and is protected by the dollar,” remarks Paulino Seoane, Mr. Sales & Trader at Balanz.

When choosing a Cedear, the decision happens, as with any action, to detect which sectors are promising based on global variables and the country in which it is invested.

On the other hand, it is important to take into account the evolution of the exchange rate, because this investment will imply a way to hedge in hard currency against exchange risk, which is high in our country.