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How to know if you have a tapped phone (and what to do) | Digital Trends Spanish

You don’t have to be –necessarily– neither a celebrity, nor a politician, nor a millionaire. If you think you have tapped phonethe first thing you should do is check it, and in this guide we tell you how.

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And it is that the great benefits of technology can quickly become your enemies. The ease of connecting simple speakers to your wireless network, controlling the lighting in your home or monitoring your security cameras remotely through your cell phone is a double-edged sword, not to mention banking applications.

How to know if your phone has been tapped

There are several signs, barely perceptible that we do not take into account, either due to ignorance or lack of attention and the type of life we ​​lead. Some of them can be:

  • Excessive data consumption. If your cell phone is tapped, the person who did it needs to send the information that he considers important from your device. This includes locations, passwords, emails, files and any other type of information, including in severe cases, call monitoring.
  • Calls to unrecognized numbers. Reviewing the details of incoming and outgoing calls in your account statement and verifying unknown numbers could help you, it sounds a bit schizophrenic, but it happens. There are ways to “duplicate” your phone number and simply use your service, obviously, charged to your bill.
  • Unknown apps installed. There are applications that are used to spy and capture information that you enter on sites or apps, such as usernames and passwords. Fortunately, it is almost impossible to hide an application on a cell phone nowadays, but it is still possible to not have it in sight, check your list of installed apps and delete any that you do not recognize.
  • unusual battery drain. The use of spy applications, their updating and the generation and sending of reports throughout the day is definitely something that consumes energy because it is working in the background, that is, secretly and without you noticing. A high consumption without having used your cell phone in a day is a good indicator, along with the heating of the device without using it or for no reason.
  • Noise on calls. Call monitoring, although it sounds obsolete, is a reality. Although, most likely, if this is the case, it is that you are being recorded, you may occasionally hear “noises” such as interference or even cross calls.

Another way, a little more technical, to know if your cell phone has been tapped, and if so, eliminate all possibility, is through certain codes that you mark directly as a call and tell you the status on the screen, they work for both Android and for iPhone:


By dialing this code, and in case your cell phone was tapped, it will eliminate call forwarding.


This code will tell you to which number calls are being redirected when your cell phone is turned off or out of area. A number from your company may appear, which is normal.


Unlike the previous one, this code also tells you textually if any service is being diverted.

What can I do if my cell phone has been tapped?

A man checking his phone to find out if your cell phone has been hacked

Regardless of the type of cell phone you use, follow the following tips, in any of the cases, the first thing we recommend is that you make a backup of your information that you consider important, such as contacts, notes and music. Using a password manager is also highly recommended.

If even despite following all these steps to the letter, you suspect or are sure that your cell phone has been hacked, it is best to perform a factory reset, here we explain how to do it on an iPhone, for Android phones it may be a little different depending on the brand. Be very careful when doing it, remember that with this procedure you will lose all the information contained in your device.

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