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How to link Instagram with Facebook | Digital Trends Spanish

These days social networks are an important part of your life since in them you reflect from your daily activities to your thoughts and ideas; make the most of them. Here we are going to explain how to link Instagram with Facebook, so you can link your accounts and receive more likes.

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Should you link your accounts?

There are several reasons why you should consider linking Facebook and Instagram. For starters, you can post the photos and videos you take or edit on Instagram directly on Facebook; better yet, if you are someone who likes to receive likes or I like it on Instagram, it will also translate to Facebook.

If you want to increase your reach or interaction with your friends or followers, each shared image or video returns to its original source, allowing you to increase the participation of a wider audience, if both accounts are public.

Facebook has a significantly larger user base than Instagram, so there’s a chance it can help you reach more people. And, because Instagram’s algorithmic system is thought to prioritize posts with higher engagement, additional likes could help your content rank higher in the News Feed as well.

Even for those who aren’t looking for more exposure, cross-posting could allow your non-Instagram Facebook contacts to keep up with your activity. You can also easily recover any of the accounts if you ever lose access to one of them.

Also, due to the seamless integration between the two platforms, your Instagram post details (including captions) will be shared on Facebook along with the location data, hashtags, and emojis you have added.

All your Instagram images will also be saved on Facebook, in your own album, titled Instagram Photos, which will allow you to tag your friends on the social network.

If you decided that linking both accounts is convenient for you, here we explain how to do it in a few simple steps.

How to link Instagram with Facebook

The process to link both accounts is almost identical on iOS and Android. Keep in mind, however, that this process can only be done through a smartphone app, and not on a computer.

Ready? Here we go. To get started, open your app from Instagram and tap the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner of your profile, and then press Setting at the bottom of the screen.

Then scroll through the list of options and tap Linked Accounts in the subtitle of Privacy & Security. Here you will find a list of social platforms that offer integration with Instagram; Facebook is at the top of those options.

Choose Facebook and log in to that social network with your credentials and password. You can do it through the Facebook application or your cell phone browser. Once you’ve logged in, that’s it!

Your accounts will now be connected and you will not have to do anything to publish simultaneously on both platforms. Every time you want to share an Instagram photo on Facebook, you can do so by simply enabling the corresponding button on the screen.

You can also configure it to share all your new posts automatically.

To share a photo that you have already uploaded to Instagram on Facebook, choose the image you want to share from your Instagram profile and go to the menu in the upper right corner.

Then select Share In the pop-up menu, move the slider to Facebook, and press the button again Share in the upper right corner to post the photo on Facebook.

How to unlink Instagram and Facebook

Did you regret it No problem. You can change the application’s permissions or remove its integration with Facebook at any time. To do so, go to the menu Linked Accounts the one you accessed earlier and tap Facebook. If you are connected to your Facebook account, the icon will be blue and the name associated with the account will be displayed on the right.

The next page that appears will provide you with some additional options regarding your account, such as the ability to share your posts and Stories on Facebook automatically.

To unlink your account, tap Unlink at the bottom of the page and confirm your decision when asked in a new window. If you change your mind and reconsider your decision, follow the same steps we explained above to reconnect both accounts.

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