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How to make a nice headboard for your bed for less than 50 euros

A good headboard can transform a gloomy room into a cozy place. But it is also often expensive. Which leads us to wonder: can we make our own headboard?

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A quick search on the Internet takes us out of doubts: the web is full of ideas to build our own headboard. But just because there are many ideas does not mean that all of them are good. Above all, if by “good” we mean something that we can make in a weekend, and that we would like to buy if we saw it in a store.

That is to say, basically a headboard of the bed that does not cry out from the rooftops that you have made it, but that does not imply first making a DIY quick tutorial, or buy a tool kit that you will never use again.

So here they go three feasible headboard ideas for the bed you probably want to make (this weekend?).

1. Headboard for the bed with a wicker or rattan roll

East rattan headboard you can do it in a few hours; And the work is much easier if, to manufacture it, you use a wooden structure already assembled, or that is simple to join. That is to say: you can take advantage of a large wooden frame, or use part of the structure of a pine shelf, of the dimensions you want.

In this particular project, they use the lateral structure of a Ikea Ivar shelf, 30 by 223 centimeters (and that costs 14 euros). The wicker: sometimes you find it with the name of wicker grid (buy here) or wicker or rattan roll.

And you can find it for about 20 euros, although the price will depend on the quality of the material. Otherwise, you just need a bit of sturdy glue, and some nails to roll, glue, nail and fix the rattan around the frame. That is to say: we can make a rattan headboard for less than 40 euros, while bought it is easy to cost about 200 euros.

A trick: when you work with wicker, to mold it, you need it to be wet. So soak it in the bathtub for at least 30 minutes. If you don’t have a bathtub, dip one end first, then the next. Once it is well soaked, take out the rattan and dry it with a towel to remove excess moisture.

2. Make a headboard out of wooden poles and rope

East headboard for bed of wooden rods It is beautiful, simple to manufacture and so adaptable to each room that you will want to hang it as soon as you have it assembled. To make it, you need between 15 and 20 wooden rods (for example, pine), with a diameter of about 2.5 centimeters (cm) and some kind of saw, to cut the bars to the width of your bed.

Also, you need rope, a basic drill, some strips of fake leather (or rigid fabric), something that pierces the fabric and some nails (it is more beautiful if they are gold or brass). For the rest, you have to measure and cut the poles and make two holes in each one (one at each end) to pass the rope through them.

If you sand the bars, you get a clearer finish, with a Nordic touch. Also, and this step is optional, you can apply an oil to the wood, or paint them. Knot the rods with the rope (passing the rope through the holes at the ends), so that they are joined, and the result is in the shape of a rectangle.

To create some separation between poles (something that is more beautiful, because it gives air to the final result), tie a knot between each pole and the next. A trick to pass the rope through the holes: it will be easier if you cover the end of the rope with adhesive tape.

All that remains is to cut the strips of fake leather, fold them in half, insert the upper rod inside the two strips of fake leather, and nail the headboard to the wall, with a pair of gold nails.

3. Two large cushions and a copper tube

A pair of cushions large soil will be pearls for this project. Otherwise, you need a copper tube, some strips of fake leather (or another resistant fabric that you like), a hammer and some nails.

Once you have the materials, the rest is quite simple: fold the faux leather strips in half, and sew the two free ends to the cushion (two on each cushion). The hole that you have left is inserted through the metal rod so that the cushions hang. It would only be necessary to fix the copper tube to the wall, with some rings or nails and the hammer, and the headboard is ready. [Aprende cómo hacerte un colgador para tus plantas.]

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