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How to make your own dolce machine coffee capsules

The appearance of the bright and colorful capsules, and its simple instant coffee system, has changed the way we drink coffee.

Coffee Capsules, Are Your Materials Toxic?

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And we like it in encapsulated coffee: in Spain they are consumed up to 40,000 tons of capsules every year, 20% of the market, according to the Spanish Coffee Federation.

The first problem: drinking coffee in capsules means an environmental dilemma. These shiny capsules are typically made from a mix of three materials: aluminum, plastic, and paper.

So even though in theory “they are recyclable”, in practice they are not so much, because this combination makes their treatment horrors difficult in conventional recycling plants.

And 90% of these capsules end up in landfills, as recognized by Nespresso itself, a pioneer in this of encapsulating coffee. In addition, as much as you love your machine because, among other things, it saves you in desperate moments, encapsulated coffee sometimes has another problem: you cannot use your favorite brand, nor the product that they grind so carefully in your coffee roaster favorite.

The good news– With a decent (paper) coffee filter, a glass tumbler, and a flat-bottomed ladle, you can make your own capsules practically instantly, fill them with your favorite coffee, and have them ready to use in your machine.

And if you really like coffee, there is a third advantage: you will stop paying a crazy price for mediocre coffee. !Voilà!

Make your own coffee capsules: what you need

  1. You coffee machine for reference, since the size of the capsule holder varies slightly between models and brands.
  2. A measuring spoon that has a capacity of between 30 and 40 grams (g) – it will vary depending on the model of your machine – can serve you perfectly. With the flat bottom, it fits inside your pod holder.
  3. A crystal glass whose base fits, in turn, inside your flat spoon. That is to say, that they have the background of the same dimensions.
  4. A paper coffee filter. Try to choose a decent one, which is not too thin: you want your homemade coffee capsule to have a certain consistency when you put it in the machine.

How to make your own capsule

  • Take your flat-bottomed measuring spoon and place the coffee filter on it, centered. With the glass, push it down (or press): by fitting the glass into the spoon, your filter will naturally acquire the shape you want.
  • Stretch and flatten the edges of the filter paper that are left out down, so they won’t bother you in the next step.
  • If you take out your filter now, you should have something similar to a paper cup (or a hat), with the dimensions of your measuring spoon, and that are the same as the capsule dispenser of your machine.

Fill your homemade capsule with your favorite coffee

Now you can fill your capsule (or cup or paper hat) with your favorite ground coffee. Or, better yet, you can get creative and make your own mixes.

Yes indeed: fill without removing the filter from your dosing spoon (because it will give the capsule more consistency), and fill it approximately three quarters.

Now, use the glass again to crush the coffee and make it compact before entering the machine. You can rotate it repeatedly to flatten it even more.

Fold the excess edges of the paper inward, so that no piece of coffee is left uncovered by paper. Don’t worry about it looking a bit messy – inside the machine, all that leftover paper will get wet, allowing the coffee to brew properly.

Take your capsule out of the spoon and put it in the holder of the machine. Close the lid, make sure you’ve added the water it needs, and turn it on.

Here you have a video-tutorial in English, but it can help to better visualize the process:

Coffee may come out of the machine a shade darker than usual, but this is normal if you are using higher quality coffee.

And an emergency alternative: if you have run out of coffee filters, in principle, you can also use a piece of kitchen paper. Although your capsule will not be so curious, at least you will have the assurance that you do not run out of drinking your coffee. Enjoy it!

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