Tuesday, July 5

How to mine doge, plus a playbook for trading meme stocks

Hello and welcome to Insider Investing. I’m Joe Ciolli, and I’m here to guide you through the current market and investing landscape. Here’s what’s on the docket:

  • We spoke to Dason Thomas, who started mining altcoins after seeing videos on TikTok. He broke down for us how he got started mining himself with a $700 rig, and laid out his current mining setup.
  • Morgan Stanley strategist Boris Lerner sees huge value in tracking retail-trading trends. He laid out which ones should be monitored by savvy investors, as well as the six most popular bets for day traders right now.
  • Ahead of a hotly anticipated earnings season, the founder of TradeZero America listed the 10 most-shorted stocks above $10-each of which is in a position to either continue facing pressure, or be squeezed higher by retail traders.

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How to mine doge

Dason Thomas says he began mining crypto in his garage to earn altcoins like doge and litecoin. He then converts the mined altcoins to cryptocurrencies he prefers like ether, or buys more miners. Thomas breaks down how he got started with a $700 rig, and how he’s set up now.

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How to mine doge: An 18-year-old TikTok influencer shares his process for earning crypto without directly buying via a $700 rig-and explains how it works for other altcoins including litecoin

A playbook for meme stocks

Reddit WallStreetBets WSB

Morgan Stanley strategist Boris Lerner argues that investors should look at the patterns of retail traders to gain an advantage. He says heavy retail selling is a good predictor that a stock will underperform in the next month, and lays out six popular bets for day traders.

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Morgan Stanley shares a meme-stock playbook that average investors can use to profit from the Reddit-driven market revolution-including 6 specific areas day traders love

Top 10 shorts ahead of earnings season

New York stock exchange trader

Stocks have been on a hot streak but a variety of factors could stoke volatility heading into the third quarter. Ahead of a hotly anticipated earnings season, the founder of TradeZero America lays out the 10 most-shorted stocks above $10, which could either continue to face pressure, or be squeezed higher by retail traders.

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TradeZero’s co-founder shares the top 10 stocks above $10 traders are shorting on the online brokerage ahead of a potentially volatile earnings season-and explains why they are either primed to become meme stocks or profitable shorts

Stock pick central

Seeking experts who are willing to name names? Look no further:

  • Goldman Sachs says buy these 20 stocks have the most upside potential right now-including 5 set to surge by at least 50%
  • BANK OF AMERICA: Buy these 7 stocks to capture the investing frenzy as ETF inflows are on track for a record-breaking year
  • RBC: Buy these 19 stocks that should outperform in the 3rd quarter on the way to upside of at least 20% over the next year
  • UBS names 6 bank stocks to buy as successful stress tests open the door to buybacks and dividends-and highlights 2 laggards to avoid
  • GOLDMAN SACHS: Buy these 11 oil stocks as prices remain high through the next 18 months amid spiking demand and OPEC disagreements
  • Oppenheimer says these 5 under-the-radar gaming stocks will lead gains in the red-hot sector through year-end-including two that look cheap right now
  • Morningstar’s strategists say these 10 travel stocks are the best placed to soar from pent-up demand as COVID-19 restrictions lift-including 4 picks that look especially cheap
  • Edward Jones’ industrials analyst names 3 stocks to buy as prime beneficiaries of Biden’s proposed $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill-and explains how each one could benefit
  • DEUTSCHE BANK: Buy these 3 lithium stocks to benefit from demand outpacing supply as electric vehicles become the global standard
  • Bank of America lists 7 biopharma stocks to buy for strong returns as positive Alzheimer’s news boosts the industry-and names one key risk to watch out for
  • Morgan Stanley unpacks 6 disruptive technology stocks for companies poised to see 200% growth in earnings in the next 3 years as they reinvent their industries
  • Goldman Sachs says buy these 15 stocks that will pay strong, consistent dividends through the end of next year-and offer at least 15% upside
  • UBS names 11 global, high-quality stocks to buy for consistent dividend payments that are unlikely to be cut anytime soon
  • Bank of America names 5 semiconductor stocks to buy for the 2nd half of 2021-and breaks down why each has’catch-up potential’ after lagging since January
  • Goldman Sachs names 30 stocks to buy for double-digit revenue growth in 2022-and 4 sectors expected to beat the S&P 500’s sales growth
  • BANK OF AMERICA: Buy these 4 airline stocks that have the pricing power and the market share to weather the spread of the delta variant-including one set to soar by almost 50%
  • These 3 dividend-rich ETFs are set to deliver huge returns after they outperformed in the first half, according to leading research firm CFRA
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