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The reason why we love the iPhone camera is that it is one of the best on the market and takes extremely high quality photos; not because of its sound effects, which many generations ago ceased to be a novelty. learn how to mute iphone camera and be discreet while taking your photos.

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How to mute the iPhone camera

Activate Live Photos

One of the easiest ways to turn off camera sound is to enable Live Photos in the iPhone Camera app. When the Live Photos feature is on, the shutter sound is turned off. In iOS 15 and 14, the Live Photos control is the series of circles at the top right of the screen. First, touch the icon to activate the function and then touch the arrow located in the upper center to select the mode: Car, On and Off. Now you can go ahead and photograph in silence.

In iOS 13, the Live Photos control is at the top of the screen, second from left to right.

If the Live Photos button is yellow, it means the feature is turned on. If the button is blank, it is because it is turned off. Live Photos adds a short video for each shot you take with the camera. It’s an eye-catching feature, but it takes up more space than other photos. If you don’t need photos like that, be sure to disable the feature.

Use the mute switch

Photograph of an iPhone indicating the location of the mute switch is located in the upper left corner.  How to mute the iPhone camera

The easiest way to mute the iPhone’s camera sound is by using the switch on the top left side of the phone. When you flip the switch, the iPhone vibrates and sends you a notification that you’ve switched to silent mode. You must bear in mind that, when you hit the switch, all notifications will be silenced, from incoming calls to any other type of alert.

Down the volume

mute iphone camera

But what can you do if the switch doesn’t work? If, for any reason, your mute switch is broken or not working, we recommend turning the volume all the way down. However, if you turn down the volume while in the camera app and using iOS 13, you’ll start taking photos in burst mode. Likewise, if you turn down the volume and use iOS 14, you will start recording a video.

If you know you will be using the camera app and want to mute the sounds, you can reduce the volume before opening the app. You can do this with the volume button located on the left side of the iPhone, below the mute switch. Just press it until the volume decreases completely. The trick is to press it before you launch the Camera app and start capturing.

You can also decrease the volume while in the camera app. You can swipe from the bottom of the screen (in iOS 13) or from the top right (in iOS 14) to display the Control Center and adjust the volume.

country restrictions

Did you know that in some countries it is mandatory to have the sound of the camera shutter at all times? Not that it’s a law, but some carriers have enforced it and phone manufacturers have followed suit. In territories like Japan and Korea, all smartphones must make a sound when using the camera app to take a photo. If you’re there, we’re sorry to tell you that even if you mute iPhone, the camera app will still make a sound.

Possible solutions include muting the sound by covering the speaker while taking a photo, enabling the Live Photo feature which might mute the noise, plugging in your headphones and taking photos with them as the shutter, using third-party camera apps instead of the apps default or use the volume buttons. For those who take pictures legally and don’t violate anyone’s privacy, it’s worth a try.

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