Thursday, January 27

How to open an account at Banco del Bienestar

At the end of September the first three branches of the Wellbeing Bank. We tell you how to open an account at this financial institution.

The Welfare Bank seeks to promote the saving and facilitate it, the different types of accounts it offers are: the Debicuenta, which seeks to help save with or without interest, the Basic Debicuenta, which is for people whose income does not exceed 165 minimum wages.

It also offers the Basic Wellbeing Payroll account, which, as its name says, is ideal for receiving and managing people’s wages, although users cannot exceed the income of 165 minimum daily wages.

It also offers the savings account, which allows you to have money when you need it.

Finally, it also offers the Tandahorro account, which seeks for the holder to generate fixed savings, and the Children’s Savings Account, which helps children learn and create the habit of saving.

To open an account at Banco de Bienestar You need a minimum of 50 pesos, a copy of some official identification, a proof of address and be of legal age, except for the children’s account.

The branches in CDMX are located in the municipalities of Iztapalapa, Gustavo A. Madero and Tláhuac.

These savings accounts allow their holders to have their money available at any time, as well as participate in raffles and earn interest. The benefits of having an account at Banco del Bienestar are:

  • To be able to deposit from 50 pesos, in all the branches.
  • To be able to have the savings at any time after having 50 pesos.
  • Domicile payments.
  • Accept payments of up to 20 thousand pesos per month.

The costs of having any of the accounts are: 15 pesos plus VAT will be paid for each issue of account statement, for each issue of historical account statement, 30 pesos plus VAT, and the monthly fee for inactivity is 50 pesos plus VAT .